IMM forte enterprises in the first turkey
34 Istanbul

IBB Company Fortune 500 First Turkey

IMM six subsidiaries, the "Fortune 500 Turkey" took place in the list. Subsidiary companies listed; İGDAŞ, METRO İSTANBUL, İSTAÇ, KİPTAŞ, İSTGÜVEN and İSTANBUL TRANSPORTATION. Companies' performance within the framework of certain criteria [more…]

driverless vehicles on beijing roads
86 China

Driverless Vehicles On Beijing Roads

A pilot area of ​​100 square kilometers has been reserved for autonomous vehicles in Beijing, the capital of China. The length of the test track, located in the Zhongguancun science and technology zone, has increased to 215,3 kilometers. Test path environment with internet and communication devices [more…]

tender and drone test center open in goalkeeper
06 Ankara

UAV and Drone Test Center Opens in Ankara

Mayor of Kalecik district of Ankara, Duhan Kalkan, stated that a Continuous Assigned Airspace will be opened in the district for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and drone test flights. According to the news in Hürriyet; “Kalecik Municipality [more…]