Iran Carpet
Guest Post

How did the Persian Carpet Come Out?

Standing out with its colour, pattern and weaving style, Perzisch tapijt dates back 2500 years. Iranian carpets, which are at the highest level of artistic splendor, are in the process of going up to the materials used in hand-woven. [more…]

the plane from the london landed heromarasa
46 Kahramanmaras

Kahramanmaraş Airport Opened to International Flight

Following the opening of the Customs Office at Kahramanmaraş Airport, the first international plane started to fly from London, the capital of England, to Kahramanmaraş. The first plane to Kahramanmaraş Airport, which is open to international flights, took off from London. Kahramanmaras Airport Arriving Passengers AK [more…]

Istanbul tsunami action plan ready
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Tsunami Action Plan Ready

The 'Istanbul Tsunami Information Booklets', prepared in cooperation with IMM and METU, has been completed. With the study, separate reports were prepared for all districts of Istanbul that will be affected by the tsunami, and measures to minimize possible losses. [more…]

bsan factory staff carries the gesture house
16 Bursa

Karsan Jest EV Carries BMW Plant Staff!

The domestic manufacturer Karsan, which offers transportation solutions suitable for the mobility needs of the era, is equipped with BMW i battery technology, and its vehicle, Jest Electric, continues to be the favorite of elite European transportation companies. Transport suitable for the mobility needs of the age [more…]