Good News from Ankara! Air Conditioners Worked in Metro Wagons

air conditioners are working in metro wagons
air conditioners are working in metro wagons

Within the scope of the measures to prevent the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, the air conditioners in public transportation vehicles (bus, metro and ANKARAY) were closed as of 20 March 2020 by the EGO General Directorate.

With the summer season, the necessary researches have been carried out by our General Directorate for the healthy operation of air conditioners upon the increase of the air temperature and the issues stated in the “Covid-17 Outbreak Management and Study Guide” published on 2020 July 19 by the Ministry of Health on the subject are also taken into consideration. work has been completed.

In this context, as a result of the technical arrangement made in Ankara Metro wagons, air conditioners were provided to work with fresh air taken from the outside, and air conditioners were operated as a result of the successful tests.

In ANKARAY and buses, since all the fresh air required for the safe operation of the air conditioning system cannot be supplied from the external environment due to technical conditions; ventilation is done with openable windows.

On this occasion, we remind us once again that our citizens should carefully comply with the rules of mask use and social distance, and we wish healthy days.

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