Ankara Metro imposition

Ankara Metro imposition: I would like to tell you that if people living in Ankara are newly encountered and do not react, it will be more painful. Transportation is a legal right. People have the right to choose the tools they will use when moving from one place to another. There is no need to take a bus to another district of the city by bus. People can choose the means of transport they want within the scope of the vehicles' route.

Lately, Ankara traffic is interesting. 2003 history on the date of the 2005 and will be available for use in the history of the submarine that can not be finished for many years, the protagonist İ. Melih Gökçek Transportation Since the construction of the metro, which he transferred to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications, accelerates, he is forcing people to use the subway. It is natural to encourage and encourage the use of the metron in many parts of Ankara. It is a positive step to reduce city traffic. There is an imposition for our people. In many districts, the city buses no longer go to the most central areas of the city, Kızılay and Ulus. With the new arrangement, the routes go to the nearest metro line. It is not a sense of municipalism that people think about the people for years, to get away from the means of transportation that they use without any discomfort, or rather to force them from the only means to the two means. “Metro Station ışık is now on the bus signs we are used to seeing for years. The ı 65 Age Card at used by our elderly people, who are increasing day by day, shows us another difficulty of this imposition. In the summer months, the older people who are more affected by the heat and the cold than in the winter are now going to take the bus first and then land at the metro station. Those who live in Ankara know that the escalators are not working, not on the day of work, we think there is something wrong. It is so far from walking escalators. The elderly people will come down in the rain, in the snow, the tens of steps in the snow will come out. Of course, if he goes down or gets out. Take away the right of people to choose from, the only means, double to the vehicle, the elderly, the victim, the two feet of the business in a hurry into a wall, then the billboards of the years as a municipality fill your billboards.

You will say, “My brother, what happened to the white colored Private Public Buses, minibuses” but the answer you will receive is unfortunately negative. Both the number of trips and vehicles of minibuses and private public buses have been reduced so that people prefer the bus-metro double vehicle by force. You have seen that people of Tuzluçayır, who oppose the vehicles coming too late and too late, are exposed to gas and batons from the police at the stops in Kızılay every evening. Especially when there was an army of provocateurs who aggressive the police on Twitter every day, it was unthinkable. Another public that experienced the vehicle shortage most was our victim students, formed by METU students. We can say that the slogan "Don't be silent, as long as you stay silent, it will be your turn" has already happened to Ankara. Now there are two ways ahead of us. Either we will protect our right of transportation, or after reading this article, as in many other applications, we will be in front of the television and the next day in coffeehouses, friends and friends. sohbetWe will blow our mouths and criticize the municipality, we will go further and make the words "What will happen to this country" in our language.

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