Gebze Darıca Metro Car Purchase Tender Result

gebze darica metro vehicle purchase tender result
gebze darica metro vehicle purchase tender result

Gebze-OSB-Darıca Coastal Rail System Line 28 Metro Vehicles Supply and Commissioning Tender Results

2020 companies have submitted bids for the procurement and commissioning of 273733 Metro Vehicles for the Gebze-OSB-Darica Coastal Rail System Line numbered 247,646,980/28 KIK of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) with an approximate cost of TL 2.

The companies participating in the tender and their offer are as follows;

  1. Bozankaya: Bid; 349,748,000 TL
  2. Mobility CRCC: 358,400,000 TL

Within the scope of the tender, 4 sets of 7 vehicles and 28 vehicles in total will be purchased. Delivery Schedule of Vehicle Series; Delivery of all 28 vehicles will be completed in 30 (thirty) months. Delivery from the 1st (one) train set to the 7th (seven) train set will commence on the 24th (twenty four) month from the commencement date and will be completed in the 30th (thirty) month. After the delivery of the last train set, a total of 60 (one hundred and eighty) days will be used, including 120 (sixty) days for field tests and temporary acceptance activities, and 180 (one hundred and twenty) days for the trial operation.

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