Sunflower Bicycle Valley Meets With Schools

aycicegi bicycle valley meets with schools
aycicegi bicycle valley meets with schools

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Sunflower Bicycle Valley is signing a new project. 'Sunflower Bicycle Valley meets with schools' project organized with the name of students' awareness of cycling and cycling will increase.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality built by Turkey's most modern cycling facilities Bicycle Sunflower Valley has launched a new project. The Bicycle Valley, which operates under the Department of Youth and Sports, will meet students in order to increase cycling and awareness of cycling. With the project that aims to create an environment that will make a difference to students, reflecting their feelings of self-confidence, courage and achievement and to spread the use of bicycles by establishing effective communication, there will not be any students who do not know how to ride bicycles in the city and do not experience that excitement.

All schools invited

The statement made by the Youth and Sports Department, "which is Turkey's most modern cycling facilities to promote the use of bicycles in our city in Sunflower Valley Bicycle and bicycle use in order to keep students who do not we start a new project. With the new project, we will bring together thousands of students from schools in our city with our Bicycle Valley. We invite all of our schools to our project 'Sunflower Bicycle Valley meets with schools' which we started in cooperation with the Provincial Directorate of National Education. Detailed information about the project in which the applications will be made in person can be reached by calling 0530 237 52 06 ”.

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