new high speed train set reached ankara
06 Ankara

New High Speed ​​Train Set Arrives in Ankara

Iyla With the commissioning of the train sets, the second of which is planned to be delivered this month, the number of daily YHT passengers, which are 22 thousand, is planned to be increased to approximately 2020 thousand in 30 and 2021 thousand in 40. Üretim Production in Germany [more…]

turkey coal contract will be engineers scholar

Turkey to Make Coal Purchase Contract Engineer

Turkey Coal Decree Law No. 399 subject to contractual status in recruiting engineers doing. According to the results of the written and oral examination, the quota and qualifications of the engineer personnel to be employed are stated in the advertisement. Applications announced [more…]

state archives to hire contracted personnel

Presidency of State Archives

Presidency of State Archives to Recruit Contracted Personnel; Personnel will be recruited to be assigned to Ankara and Istanbul units of the Presidency State Archives Presidency. Applications will be made between 2-13 December 2019. Professional practice exam [more…]