Kayseri Erciyes Introduced with Thai Tourism
38 Kayseri

Kayseri Erciyes Introduced with Thai Tourism

Kayseri Erciyes was introduced to tourism professionals in Thailand, which was determined as the market within the scope of its new tourism and promotion strategy. Tourism agencies and hotel officials from Kayseri at the Kayseri-Erciyes promotional meeting held in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, with the initiative of Turkish Airlines Kayseri Directorate [more…]

balikesir countryside made secure bridges
10 Balikesir

Balıkesir Countryside Built Safe Bridges

Safe Bridges Built in Balıkesir Rural; The Hungarians-Karamanlar and Nusret-Kepsut creek bridges, which pose a great danger, were demolished by the Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality and rebuilt in a safe and double lane way. Transportation between neighborhoods thanks to bridges opening to traffic [more…]

istanbul earthquake calistayi starts tomorrow
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Earthquake Workshop Starts Tomorrow

The International Earthquake Workshop, organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to make Istanbul a disaster-resistant city, starts tomorrow. In the workshop to be made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, the opening speech will be given to the effects of a possible earthquake in the city and this [more…]

megenliler does not want the upper passage
14 Bolu

Megenli does not want an overpass

Plates The point that connects Yaziyaka and Turkbeyli Neighborhood is about the unwanted overpass, the Mayor Turhan Bulut, the members of the Municipal Council and our citizens, press in front of the Turkbeyli Divan Mosque after the Friday prayers. [more…]

uzungol cable car comes to life
61 Trabzon

Uzungöl Teleferic Implementation

Businessman Şükrü Fettahoğlu is implementing the Uzungöl cable car project, which has been on hold for a long time. Fettehoğlu, who started the excavation work, announced that the post places were opened. Fettahoğlu said, "I hope we will open two of the three stations in July." said. In the world famous tourism center Uzungöl [more…]

security queue at ankara metro stations
06 Ankara

Security Queue at Ankara Metro Stations

The X-ray devices, which are inoperative at the subway entrances in Ankara, have been operational since last week. With the operation of the devices, the security measures in the subways turned into an ordeal for the citizens of the capital during the peak hours of passenger and vehicle traffic. To pass through the device [more…]

osmangazi bride is guaranteed to pass
41 Kocaeli

Osmangazi Bridge Pass Guarantee Guarantee Burns the Passion

On the Osmangazi Bridge, the pockets of the passer-by and the non-pass burn due to the guarantee given to the operating company. Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan said that the toll fee, which currently rises to $ 44,5 as a result of foreign exchange inflation, will not be reflected at the box office. "Bridge income [more…]

call for resignation via corlu train accident
59 Corlu

Train Accidents Call for Resignation

Call for Resignation Over Corlu Train Accident; Republican People's Party (CHP) Tekirdag Deputy Dr.Recent, who received the microphone in the 2020 budget negotiations of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure at the TBMM Plan and Budget Commission. İlhami Özcan Aygun recalled the train accident in Sarılar; "Of the world [more…]

Map of Vienna Metro

Vienna Underground Map Timetable and Ticket Prices

The Vienna Metro is the name of the fast public transport network established in Vienna, the capital of Austria, and has a total length of 78,4 km. The metro network consisting of five lines is mostly underground. Only the middle part of U6 and U1 is level level of U2 from Krieau to Seestadt. Modern [more…]