local automobile sahlacak our country
16 Bursa

Domestic Cars Will Shake Our Country

"100 Percent Domestic Automobile", one of Turkey's most important national projects, was introduced today with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan. The promotion held at the Informatics Valley in Gebze; ministers, [moreÔÇŽ]

Domestic Cars TOGG C SUV Red
41 Kocaeli

Domestic Cars TOGG Introduced

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) discussed the progress it has made in the 18 months since its establishment and how it will lead the technological transformation in Turkey at the 'Journey to Innovation' meeting held in the Informatics Valley. [moreÔÇŽ]

general Directorate of Highways

General Directorate of Highways

In accordance with the provisions of the Examination and Appointment Regulation on Technical Personnel to be Appointed Openly for the First Time to the General Directorate of Highways, in accordance with Article 657/A of the Civil Servants Law No. 4, the following: [moreÔÇŽ]

domestic joy of living in Bursa
16 Bursa

Local Car Joy in Bursa

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, Turkey's 60 years of happiness will be held in Bursa domestic automobile dream and said they experienced the excitement. [moreÔÇŽ]

antalya izmir road maintenance work
20 Denizli

Antalya ─░zmir Road Maintenance Work

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will carry out routine maintenance works on the Antalya-─░zmir route of the Triangle Bridge Intersections. While it was announced that the route in question will be closed to traffic on the weekend, it will be used as an alternative route. [moreÔÇŽ]

canal Istanbul project will bring a new vision
34 Istanbul

34-Objection Petition For Channel Istanbul

CHP member Umut Oran, who closely followed the Canal Istanbul project in the Turkish Grand National Assembly during his term as a member of parliament, made a remarkable statement about the project in question. Oran, while he was a member of parliament in 2013 [moreÔÇŽ]

tender for the subway of Mersin
33 Mersin

Tender for Mersin Metro

Tender was held for Mersin Metro; The 2019nd Extraordinary Meeting of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council in 2 was held under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Se├žer. President Vahap Se├žer at the meeting [moreÔÇŽ]