İmamoğlu Announces Why He Is Against Kanal İstanbul Project in 15 Articles

imamoglu explained why it is against the channel istanbul project
imamoglu explained why it is against the channel istanbul project

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, explained in 15 articles why they are against Kanal Istanbul, which it describes as a "project of double betrayal against Istanbul". Standing in front of the cameras in the İBB building in Saraçhane, İmamoğlu said, “As we talk to scientists, it becomes clear that; Kanal Istanbul is not a treason project, it is a murder project. It is a disaster project for the existence of 16 million and the security of 82 million. Regardless of what was promised. No matter what rent is promised to anyone, it should be given up immediately," he said.

Imamoglu, who says kard wherever the wrong is returned, is snow, ini and why they withdrew from the protocol prepared and signed between IMM and the relevant ministries. “The protocol was unlawful because it was signed unauthorized by the appointed IMM President. The protocol, which was signed on 1 August 2018 without the decision of the Assembly and which was kidnapped by the fire, was legally invalid since it was signed in accordance with Article 5393 (a) of Law no. He is disabled ”. “Channel Istanbul does not shorten the path of the ships but shortens the lives of Istanbulites, İm said İmamoğlu, saying,“ There will be no audience to spend the resources of this nation without any book or query. Istanbul is no one's father's farm alone. Istanbul belongs to 75 million people and 16 million patriotic citizens. It is an eye-catching geography where even the world has an envy and even the world has a right. We will protect these lands which have been entrusted to us since 82 and we will never betray them. Nok

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluheld a press conference on “Canal Istanbul”, one of the most controversial issues of the last period. CHP Istanbul Provincial President Canan Kaftancıoğlu, IYI Party Istanbul Provincial President Buğra Kavuncu and IMM senior management attended the meeting as full staff. A large number of journalists representing the local and foreign press watched the meeting, which was held in the central building of IMM in Saraçhane. İmamoğlu stated that he wanted to express his doubts about the channel, his reasons for being against it, and his objections as "the only public authority elected as the representative of 16 million people". Saying, “The reasons I will put forward at this press conference are never my personal reasons,” İmamoğlu noted that the meeting was not held for political purposes. Imamoglu said, "Because, we are faced with a great risk that endanger not only the 82 million living today, but also our children, grandchildren and the entire future of this country."


Am I announced on Monday that we withdrew from the Istanbul protocol of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, İm said Imamoglu. “As we talk to scientists, it turns out that Channel Istanbul is not a betrayal project, but a murder project. It is a disaster project aimed at the existence of 16 million and the security of 82 million. Whoever was promised. Whoever promises rent is to be abandoned immediately. Now never polemic. Without political rhetoric, I will list the scientific truths of hundreds of trusted scientists and the foundations of important public institutions. From the different departments of IMM to the State Airports Authority (DHMİ), İSKİ and the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ), the official reports of our institutions, whose expertise, field of responsibility and responsibility are related to this issue, are completely official reports. I will try to explain you the 15 most important threats, which are the basis of our withdrawal from Kanal İstanbul Project, in 15 articles.

İmamoğlu listed these 15 threats as follows:


Kanal The channel in the project; a channel about 45 kilometers long, 20,75 meters deep and 275 meters wide at its narrowest point. If the Channel Istanbul project is built, Istanbul, which has existed for 8 years, will lose groundwater and surface water resources forever. Then put aside the 500 items I will list; even this article alone orders that this project be shelved immediately. No public manager, no politician, smart, logical, not distant from the truth, cannot support the construction of this project, even knowing that such a risk exists. He cannot think of this betrayal of his own country, his own city, his own people. ”

“The reports of the various departments of our municipality, DSI and İSKİ describe the dimensions of the disaster we will encounter if the project is built. According to these, the biggest danger brought by the project is the possibility that the lake will lose its title of water source forever with the salt water that will mix with Terkos Lake. Terkos Lake basin is a storage area for Istanbul and its surroundings. It is the most vital, largest water tank on the European side for thousands of years. If Kanal Istanbul is built, first of all, this enormous water source will disappear. As a national investment, the Sazlıdere Dam, which has a value of more than 2 billion liras, will be completely dysfunctional, just like Atatürk Airport, which has been closed. With the Kanal Istanbul project, the 20-kilometer water collection basin to the east of Lake Terkos is also disabled. Currently, with the Sazlıdere - İkitelli system, Terkos meets almost 29 percent of all of Istanbul's water needs. 15 years later, it will meet the water needs of 7,5 million people. When Kanal Istanbul is built, this existing system will be completely disabled. ”

“Not only our surface water resources, but also our underground water resources will be destroyed. See what the dedicated scientists say about this in the report of the DSI: 'Although ground surveys and soundings are carried out, unexpected situations always occur. In addition, cracks and fractures in the rocks cannot be detected by drilling. From these cracks, the salt water of Kanal Istanbul enters Terkos and Terkos ceases to be a water source. Most of Istanbul is dehydrated. 427 million cubic meters of drinking water reserves are disposed. There is no alternative to the water source to be lost in the nearby area. As DSI states, the cracks and cracks in the rocks on the ground of the region will open the door to disaster. Greater disaster than thirst, greater disaster than climate change is not spoken in the world. Because the 5.2-kilometer ground of the canal to be built is completely limestone. In this case, it is obvious that salt water will be mixed into all ground waters and Terkos Lake. ”

Uz Thirst is not the only danger here. The situation from the strategy and security framework is disastrous. DSI says; 'The channel route to be constructed is a hidden-strategic reserve area within the framework of the emergency action plan', 'The possibility of salt water entering the groundwater and surface waters may be unavailable in war and natural disasters'. In this case, we are at risk of losing groundwater which is the strategic reserve. The problem it will create in the most difficult conditions. We also cut and lose groundwater from the Istıranca Mountains, which feeds our water resources. So, we will lose our strategic water resources and what will we gain in return? The water's gone, what do we get? We'il do it. We'il get a big one.


As long as Istanbul exists, one of the major problems that will continue to exist is the earthquake. As it is known, 3 shallow fault lines pass through Küçükçekmece Lake. What can i say? Such reports, such changes come one night; 'We have changed the fault line' may say the government. When the historical period and 120 years of data are examined, the construction along the canal route creates a great risk for human life. Because the earthquake is an irreversible fact of this region. The ground structure is suitable for landslides. There are many geotechnical problems for major engineering projects in this region. The project is located in 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree earthquake zones. 11 kilometers from the North Anatolian fault line, 30 kilometers from the Cinarcik fault line passes. Scientists say that the Channel Istanbul Project will disrupt earth and underground stress balances. He says that the overloads that will arise with construction will invite new earthquakes and increase the intensity of earthquakes. According to the plan; Avcılar Denizköşkler, which is the entrance of Marmara to the canal, will have a container port with a sea fill of 631 thousand square meters. This port is at risk. Why? Possible large earthquake in Istanbul, will create waves at an altitude of 6 meters by scientists put forward. With that tsunami, that port will be flooded. Scientists are warning us all. May Allah give an idea to all who go away from reason and science. According to the eye, with our own hands, our own budget, why we invite to disaster. I ask: Why are we doing this? ”


“You will dry our national and strategic water resources by spending quadrillions. You will leave millions of Istanbulites dehydrated. So, what kind of damage will you do to the environment and the ecosystem? According to the President of the Republic with the animation film; 'Don't you see? Very beautiful 'I saw the description. Around the canal, 50-60 floors of giant skyscrapers are lined up. Designed by who? Here in the Assembly, 'There is not a single housing around' was. In their reports, 1 million 150 thousand population they call the figure, the Minister, 'a smart city of 500 thousand people,' explained. 16 million now live in a mindless city. Describes a smart city of 500 people as part of the project. He tells the 60-70 storey buildings, 'Look how beautiful it is.' The concept of beauty varies according to human. I want people to evaluate that. Some look at that beautiful geography, agricultural areas and say 'Beautiful', while others say 60-70-80 storey buildings, 'Beautiful'. Trade areas, logistics areas and equipment will come. Again concrete, again rent, again massacre of the environment. Look, '1 million 200 thousand people say, or you underline it as 2 million. There's no end to this, let me tell you. Those who prepared the so-called EIA report on Monday, or those who had it, do not mention the construction in the region. In other words, the environmental impact assessment report does not answer the question of what environmental problems these structures will cost. You may have a tradition of deception, but you can't deceive us. The report, as if the region will not be opened to zoning, as if the region will not be structured. The construction around the canal to be built will soon change the temperature-humidity-wind regime and turn Istanbul into a heat island. Disaster will come upon disaster. It's not my words, it's scientists. However, within the scope of the Environmental Plan, you have to pay attention to the plan development of Istanbul: the size and manageability of growth. In this context, every land use in Istanbul should in essence contribute to the natural and ecological structure of the city. Those who say 'we have betrayed this city' are already in trouble with nature because they have never paid attention to this vital law. ”

“With the channel project, with the construction of the project, 23 million square meters of forest area, 45 kilometers long and 150 meters wide average of 136 million square meters of highly productive agricultural and forest area will be eliminated forever. For God's sake, life comes and passes, doesn't it? We live in the last 50-60-70 years of Istanbul. It will be finished. We will talk about what we leave for the future. Here's everyone's dream. One can imagine a 60-70-80 storey building, and I can imagine that there is more healthy food in Istanbul, where we can create more healthy food in that 136 million square meters area, and I imagine it. You will destroy water, agricultural and forest areas, this city's life support system. With the construction of the channel; The wetlands and marshes from Küçükçekmece Lagoon to Sazlıdere Dam will be destroyed. There is no water buffalo population in Istanbul. You have to increase it, but you're destroying it. Migration route of birds, breeding and resting area. Kucukcekmece Lagoon is the breeding point of sea creatures because it has semi-salt water. Sea creatures reach the creek down the lagoon and lay their eggs. There will be no nest of wild animals in woodland and wetlands. How can we survive if we don't take care of this city's fish, its bird, and its wildlife? We can't survive. How will millions of people live in this city without breathing, drinking water or feeding? We scream for him.


It's so funny. The preservation of the historical fabric of the Bosphorus is cited as the reason for the project. Bosphorus traffic will be reduced with the end of the channel. He said it would protect the historical texture of the Bosphorus. I would also like to draw your attention to the Bosphorus traffic. In the EIA Application File, there is not an increase in Bosphorus traffic as claimed, but a decrease of 10 percent in the last 22,46 years. However, the SIT area of ​​17 million square meters is affected with the project. Whether it is the Bathenoa Antique City on the shores of Küçükçekmece Lake or the Yarimburgaz Caves, one of the first settlements in Istanbul, there are many ancient treasures beneath the ground, an enormous historical wealth will be swallowed by the project. Why persecute history and historical values? We will not give betrayal.


See how DSI describes the situation: 'If the zoning of the reserve area where the immovable property in the channel is opened, I will face 1.450 non-expropriation cases as DSI. The financial burden will not be met by DSI '. So let alone the cost of construction, even the expropriation costs of private property will be burdened by the nation. The plot manipulations there are also different dimensions. While the economy of the country is so narrow, half of the country's population lives on the poverty line, unemployment is gone, while our university students are looking for a job everywhere, who are you fooling around to rely on valuable property taxes like wealth tax to stand up as a state? According to the preliminary estimates of the ministry, you will start this unnecessary business with the cost of 75 billion and the cost of 23-35 billion that you impose on the IMM. ”

“Now they will say, 'The channel does not cost the nation. The project is self-financing '. We know this tale well. Remember; we were told that bridges and city hospitals would also self-finance. 'We pay if necessary' we see the literature. We saw what happened. Mad Dumrul account, whether or not we use the projects we pay 82 million all together. We pay like honey. We also pay billions to 4-5 companies more than once. This will be the case, so don't have the slightest doubt. What are you putting on the back of the nation for new loads?


With the construction of Canal Istanbul, ISKI's 3 transmission lines will be disabled. Some of the purification systems that have been built so far will be destroyed. According to İSKİ data; instead of these three diarrhea lines, a new treatment plant with at least 11 billion liras will have to be built. Canal construction will also completely eliminate İGDAŞ lines in 3 different locations. According to İGDAŞ report; these lines will be replaced by billions of pounds of additional cost burden. Thus, even the two institutions of the IMM billions of pounds cost. Due to allocations and road construction, the cost of the Kanal Istanbul project only to the IMM in billions, the old money and quadrillion. This figure is almost 2 percent higher than the IMM's 2020 annual budget. As of Monday, withdrawing from the Channel Istanbul protocol, from the baby in the swaddle to the 50-year-old aunt Ayşe; 90 thousand 2 pounds of each new Istanbullu saved the debt. In other words, we protect each Istanbulite family from an unnecessary tax burden of approximately 200 lira without paying a minimum wage.


They can say that; 'Panama Canal in Central America and Suez Canal in Egypt were built. Those countries made big money from here. Turkey do not want to win. ' This is one of the biggest tricks. The Panama Canal shortens the way for ships by 13 thousand kilometers. The Suez Canal connects the Indian Ocean over the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, shortening the route of the ships by 6000 kilometers. The ships are therefore paying for two channels and passing through these channels. There is no way of saving for the ships in Kanal Istanbul? Passing through Kanal Istanbul and crossing the Bosphorus is the same thing. The same distance. In fact, going from Marmara to the Black Sea will take at least three to four hours due to the 6-knot current coming down from above. Why should the ships pass through the Istanbul Bosphorus by giving money while passing through the Bosphorus for free? Which smart captain, which company thinking about his wife, will say yes to this? ” Kanal Istanbul does not shorten the way of ships, but it does shorten the lives of Istanbulites.


Channel Istanbul is not yet included in the Istanbul Main Transportation and Logistics plans. Since it is not included in the plans, it is not possible to predict the effect of Kanal Istanbul on Istanbul transportation. But the residential areas planned around the canal will be broken due to the canal and the transportation lines that will be tried to be modified by bridges means new transportation demands. As Istanbul peninsula will leave Thrace, new connection bridges will be needed. TEM and E5 will be closed to traffic frequently as construction begins. They talk about the construction process of 6-7 years. The size of the problems to be experienced in Istanbul traffic is uncertain. In addition, the Mahmutbey-Esenyurt and Sefaköy - TÜYAP - Beylikdüzü metro lines, which are still planned with the Kanal Istanbul project, are also affected. While we need to bring the metro to these areas quickly, why do you see the persecution in millions of traffic when there are two or more metro lines to facilitate the transportation of millions of people? ”

“There is no good not only for the highway but also for the airline. Although it is changed by saying “sehven”; Let's look at the letter written by DHMİ General Directorate to the Ministry about the Kanal Istanbul Project EIA application file dated March 15, 2018. Exactly as follows: 'With this project, it will be impossible to open Istanbul new airport. At the end of the report, he says exactly: 'When all runways are opened, the construction of the Kanal Istanbul project is not considered appropriate in the coordinates of the project in order not to cast a shadow over the Century Project, which is expected to have 3 aircraft traffic per day.' But come and see, just one week later, the same institution as of March 500, 1, see what the EIA application file says: 'The interest about the EIA application file (a) the interest (b) that was written in response to your letter (b) is written in an unambiguous form. We are continuing our work on the project and the project's EIA application file. ' Round. Report by person. They continued to work! Just 22 days later, on March 2018, 5, they said: '... It has been determined that there will be no negative impact on the air traffic services provided / to be provided for Ataturk Airport and Istanbul New Airport if they do not violate the obstacle plans.' I said it; 'They also change the fault line'. Look, the fault line has changed! Whatever happened now, DHMI, who gave the opinion that Kanal Istanbul would have a negative effect, then returned from his mind. Nevertheless, they did not neglect to add a sentence that would save them at the end of the same report: 'It should not be used to comply with the building criterion, to use any system that would mislead the aircraft in channel lighting…' I ask you; who dictates to whom? What are they dealing with? I do not understand. Even in an issue involving 27 million lives, official reports suddenly change radically? That's why I say 'May God give you an idea'.


The excavation that will emerge to make the Kanal Istanbul project is a mystery. Transport experts cannot simulate this. Even in simulation, trucks crash into each other. From the new roads to be built for trucks to the 38-kilometer Black Sea coastal embankment, there are works that will terrify the human mind. A port would be built at the entrance to the Black Sea just like Marmara and a logistic center would be built on a 17.5 million square meter filling area next to the port. In other words, they will carry most of the excavation to the Black Sea and pour it. Only those who would do all these things, how the bottom screening material will be dehydrated, excavation will be disposed in accordance with the legislation, the report did not write it. Enigma. We'll see."

“We expect the excavation to be released from Kanal Construction to reach 2 billion cubic meters. The annual excavation capacity of Istanbul is 40 million cubic meters. 2 billion, 40 million? The total amount of excavation excavations in Istanbul in 50 years comes only from Kanal Istanbul. There is no choice but to dump this excavation in the sea. According to the TMMOB report, 2.1 billion cubic meters of excavation will be released. Excavation; For example, if the districts of Güngören-Esenler-Bağcılar spill over, these districts will rise about 30 meters. Imagine these three neighborhoods as high as a 10-storey building. We're talking about such a disaster. The natural problem of this is enormous. This excavation will be transported by more than 10 excavation trucks. In other words, 10 thousand excavation trucks will participate in Istanbul traffic daily. Currently, there are 7 licensed excavation trucks in Istanbul. Imagine adding 200 trucks for at least 5-6 years. Not to mention the damage these trucks will cause to nature. For God's sake, why are we doing this?


When the Channel Istanbul is built, 1.2 million new populations will come to the new settlements to be built. That's not worth the 1.2 million. I said, olur That's 2 million, iler but they didn't listen to me. They listen to science and mind. Don't let them listen to me. A new population of 6 Besiktas districts will be added to the population of Istanbul. Only because of the project, 3.4 million new trips in Istanbul traffic will be formed. This means that Istanbul traffic increases by at least 10 percent. There are over 1 million housing stocks in this city. While you can solve the gangrene traffic of this city with our resources, why are you trying to provide new problems that will stop the traffic altogether? Why don't we improve the quality of life of Istanbulites with the more rational use of this resource? Why don't we use the creativity and energy of this city correctly?


As far as the project is concerned, the project not only involves risks that can change the ecological balance system of both land and sea of ​​Istanbul, but also the incarceration of a population of 8 million to the island that will be formed between the Bosphorus and the new channel. With this irrational project, this project imposed by reasoning, you have imprisoned 8 million people in the highest earthquake risk zone in the country. How will you ensure the safety of this population during an earthquake? How will you transfer millions of Istanbulites to another geography at that critical moment that will turn into a life market? I gave up the safety of goods; how will you protect the lives of your citizens? This project is a strategic betrayal project both for the security of Istanbul and for the defense of Thrace. How do you expect us to say 'Yes' to this project?


The famous Montreux Treaty. First of all, according to Article 90 of our Constitution, international conventions are legal. Meanwhile, the maritime and terrestrial impacts created by Kanal Istanbul connect us with 7 international conventions besides Montreux. The Montreux Convention deals with the passage of ships, while the other 7 international agreements relate to the protection of natural areas, the environment, climate, the protection of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. We violate other contracts except Montreux. We are the peace guarantee of the world. So we violate it. But since then we always go out of Montreux explain: not a negative as described Montreux agreement, Turkey is a contract that protects the apricots and the Black Sea countries. Keep in mind; Ottoman forces entered World War I because two German battleships entered the Bosphorus and bombed Sevastopol. Thanks to this agreement, the Black Sea has been a sea of ​​peace for almost 1 years. ”

“According to the Montreux Agreement, ships of countries that do not have a Black Sea coast can stay in the Black Sea for a maximum of 21 days. In addition, the passage of aircraft carriers, submarines and ships of different sizes is prohibited by contract. Protector is. In other words, a military fleet needed to start a war cannot enter the Black Sea thanks to Montreux. If the channel is opened in Istanbul, this protection shield will be eliminated. Furthermore, according to Article 2 of the Montreux Convention and other international rules; ships cannot be forced to cross the Canal Istanbul. Even if the termination Montreux, Turkey, You can not ban the passage of commercial ships in the throat. So, Turkey will channel money argument is invalid against international law. Dream. It is fitting. Deceit. You may be dreaming, but our job is the truth. We don't have a problem with success. We have the problem of bringing happiness to the people of this country.


In the Black Sea - Marmara water passage, the first 25 meters of water in the Marmara Sea is the low salty Black Sea water. In other words, plenty of oxygen, water that fish love very much. This is the water that catches the perch from the wells of the Galata Bridge, where the Bosphorus bout is caught. In the remaining 1.400 meters pit there is plenty of salty Mediterranean water. It is not efficient because oxygen is much less in this deep part. With the construction of the channel, the natural balance that has existed for thousands of years will be disturbed. Water scientists say this. In the Black Sea, the amount of salt water will increase and its natural balance will deteriorate. Fish will be destroyed in both Marmara and the Black Sea, and fishing will end. Low oxygenated water will cover Marmara and all Marmara will smell like Haliç once smelled. This process will be very fast. Because of the current in the canal, the bottom mud of Küçükçekmece Lagoon will flow to the Marmara Sea as it is. There is no EIA report on the lagoon yet. Millions of people, who have a summer residence in Silivri, Tekirdağ, those who make sea voyages from Yeşilköy, Menekşe, who benefit from Yalova, Armutlu, Erdek, in other words Marmara, will be affected. I want to address all our citizens. While Allah has equipped our Istanbul in such a beautiful and balanced way, the plague of trying to destroy this order he established is so great. God bless. It is haram to try to destroy the halal of hundreds of thousands of people who make a living from the water, forest, fish, bird, plant of our Istanbul, and harm nature. This is the recipe of our faith.


According to the report given by the Directorate of Cemeteries; With its canal project, Baklalı, Roman and Yeniköy Cemeteries in Arnavutköy remain in a very clear project area. There was an article about it, but no response was given. So the people who have relatives lying here will have to move these graves to another place. Not even dead. He's not finished. It's not just three cemeteries that are in danger. In addition, 3 other cemeteries in Arnavutköy district, Altınşehir cemetery in Küçükçekmece and Kayabaşı cemetery in Başakşehir remain in the EIA investigation area. So there is a risk of one passing through the road and one under the other. In summary, the fact that many graves have to be moved in the districts of Arnavutköy, Küçükçekmece and Başakşehir will also hurt the conscience. No nation can treat such ancestors. Don't do this cruelty.


Not to love the nation. To love yourself. The priority of those who make decisions on behalf of the public is to protect the lives and the future of the nation. It should be. Those who do business on behalf of the public, politicians, bureaucrats must protect the environment, nature, seas, beaches, history, culture and natural assets. The priority of a politician who loves his nation is to ensure the happiness of his nation. While so many young people are drowning out of unemployment, so many people are poor, there is a need to build so many factories for sustainable production, sustainable employment and sustainable prosperity, while the children of this city of 16 million cannot be fed enough, Kanal Istanbul cannot be our priority. ”


Le With this project which is completely away from reason and conscience, our unique Istanbul will be an uninhabitable city. It will be left with unresolved problems in terms of clean air, water, infrastructure and traffic. Neither the Bosphorus crossing nor the sea traffic crossing nor the economic need exists. We cannot and will not allow the destruction of the natural environment, habitats and watersheds of this ancient city by giving all our legal struggle just because someone will make money. Istanbul's security, the lives of 16 million and Turkey's strategic security risk to anyone who Canal Istanbul project, can not convince 16 million people. He'il never convince us. This project is a disaster, betrayal and murder project. In summary, we say; either Channel or Istanbul. ”


“The money only the central government will spend for the canal is exactly 7 times the money allocated by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for urban transformation. I don't know if the Minister knows this or not. With this budget, at least 9 Marmarays can be built. All primary, secondary and high schools in Istanbul can be rebuilt from scratch. No matter how many risky buildings with earthquake problems in Istanbul, they can be completely rebuilt. A total of 150 hospitals with 1.650 beds or hundreds of factories where hundreds of thousands of young people will be employed can be built. No matter how you look at this project, it is a waste project. It is haram. It is a project of squandering the country's resources. It is a project of double betrayal to Istanbul. Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and a citizen with 3 children Ekrem İmamoğlu I suggest that you give up this project passion, which will bring great harm to our country, immediately.


Kard It is snow wherever the error is returned. For these 15 reasons, we withdrew from the unlawful protocol which was prepared and signed between IMM and related ministries. The protocol was unlawful because it was unauthorized signed by the appointed IMM President. The protocol, which was signed on 1 August 2018 without the decision of the Assembly and without the decision of the Assembly, was legally invalid since it was signed in accordance with Article 5393 (a) of the Law no. It is crippled. Subsequently, in order to complete the condition, a decision was taken on 75 for the assembly. But this does not eliminate lawlessness and jurisdiction. The ratification of an invalid protocol by the Assembly shall not render it valid. Therefore, it is within my authority to take back this unlawful transaction. I also know that this will not require a parliamentary decision. Our speeches return to a lecture, but yesterday's statement of Mr. Minister is completely the product of ignorance. In addition, there are numerous unlawfulness in the protocol and a large number of costs incurred on behalf of IMM. We have distributed the legal basis of our grounds for withdrawal. You can see it from there. On June 12.10.2018rd, the nation told us; 'Take a look at all the mistakes, shortcomings. Analyze some of the wrong moves in this city. ' In this respect, we have solved the lawlessness and have not betrayed the trust of 23 million people to us. ”


Orum In the beginning of January, I would like to invite everyone to the two workshops, the 'Water Workshop' and the 'Channel Istanbul Workshop' and all the experts who have spoken about these issues. I don't disrespect anyone's tit, but wouldn't a professor be among the academics in the EIA report? Did something happen to the professors and scientists of this country? We will also invite the institutions of the state. Every institution. Including ministries. Let them come, tell the people of Istanbul. You have to tell me. You have to inform the public. Dot. O appointed Ministers, you have to inform the public, not a person. I would like to invite all Istanbul residents and all Istanbul volunteers to take the initiative, read the EIA reports and understand them well and share them with others. I would like to invite everyone to challenge this report and the many problematic details within it, and to defend their rights through legal means. I would like to invite you to challenge this report using your legal rights. I invite everyone to seek our rights through the legal means in the most calm, dignified, and rightful way. No power in this city can outrun the common mind of this city. This will risk the future of the country jobs, 'I did, was. I can not say 'true. This ancient city is not derelict. This nation's resources without spending the book without question, without question the audience will not be spent. Istanbul is no one's father's farm alone. Istanbul belongs to 16 million people and 82 million patriotic citizens. It is an eye-catching geography where even the world has an envy and even the world has a right. We will protect these lands that have been entrusted to us since 1453 and we will never betray them. ”

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