Turkey Logistics Master Plan Presentation Meeting was held in Ankara YHT Station

turkey logistics master plan introductory meeting was held in ankara yht gari
turkey logistics master plan introductory meeting was held in ankara yht gari

Publicity and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, with the participation of ministers, general managers and officials, a meeting of the Logistics Master Plan was held in Ankara YHT Station on 25.12.2019.

That projects related to the position in the logistics area of ​​Turkey Turhan thus indicating that the Minister prepared the plan, Turkey reported that they aimed logistics bases in the region in which the.

Turhan stated that they focused on what should be done in order to reach the big goal and in determining these, they brought together the views and field data of different stakeholders from a holistic perspective.

Turkey's regional logistics base may be to accelerate the achievement of the objectives and the field of logistics to ensure the bride become more efficient way Turhan striking they determine the map, the most important is transit trade, today stressed that redrawing the routes of commerce in the world.

Turhan also pointed out that productivity is another priority, where productivity losses are analyzed.

Turhan said that logistics is a multidimensional field and that many stakeholders, from producers to consumers, from transporters to exporters, to other service providers and regulators, should have a say in the steps to be taken in this field, he said.

Turhan gave information about the preparation phase of the plan, the implementation of the plan aimed at achieving the objectives of 2023, 2035 and 2053 said that on the basis of years. According to this, Turhan listed the material gains as follows:

“We need to establish an infrastructure that will support export-oriented logistics infrastructure and export of approximately 1 trillion dollars in the long term. In particular, we aim to meet the load requirements of all corridor through Turkey, including the Silk Road. Thanks to the transit corridors passing through our country, we will ensure that our producers gain export-increasing advantages. Thanks to the reduction of transportation losses and logistics infrastructure, we will ensure that logistics costs are minimized in production and consumption, and we will increase our competitiveness. In addition, there will be other benefits that we will achieve. ”

We will ensure international integration

Turhan explained that the plan will support each other modes of transportation and provide flexible transportation services. She reported.

Explaining that China's products reach faster export markets in the "One Generation One Road" project, and accordingly, it targets the market superiority in the oceans and seas, Turhan said, "By 2027 China is expected to invest 1 trillion 300 billion dollars in this project. Europe and Turkey is a natural bridge between China because we have the geographical advantage. We are in a position to cover a significant part of this investment. ” found the assessment.

Turhan said that there are alternative corridors for China's access to western markets. “Especially the northern corridor is already working with a very high capacity. Baku-Tbilisi-Kars, Marmaray the center aisle as we support the investment in transit in Turkey and we expect to make an impact that can enhance both trade potential. " used expressions.

Turkey, Turhan said that Europe Caucasus Asia Transport Corridor on or located near Turkey's being in port between Europe and Asia, the country's potential with infrastructure investments to be made to increase the importance of economic corridors and Turkey in world trade to become an important transit point for the stressed that he would provide.

China's current exports to Europe voicing Turhan was over $ 400 billion, "We, as Turkey in 2034, we aim to exceed $ 100 billion of our trade with the Far East. As Turkey, our strength and our geopolitical position, our strong economy compared to alternative routes in the region and will consist of our infrastructure, we aim to be one of the main players in the transit trade market. " found the assessment.

We want to move in the direction of the load Africa pass through Turkey

Besides the East-West corridor in Turkey, due to its geographical location is also an important player for the north-south corridor stressed Turhan, "especially in the direction of Russia and Ukraine Africa and we aim to pass through Turkey freight movement in the direction of rotation. As of 2034 Turkey's $ 60 billion of trade with African countries, while in Russia and Ukraine is expected to be 80 billion dollars. Russia's African plans are very aggressive. It is expected to increase its trade from 20 billion dollars to 5 billion dollars in 40 years. ” he spoke.

From the hallway on China to Europe Russia bilateral annual 7 million tons of cargo that the information is conveyed Turhan, the transit freight transported in the long term by rail through Turkey from the east-west and north-south corridors they aimed to increase to 20 million tons, and noted that they have the infrastructure to meet this capacity .

Turhan said that the priority of the investments in the plan was the railways, and that after 2023 the railways maintained their importance and ports, Organized Industrial Zones and critical facilities would be prioritized.

Explaining that they have calculated the increase in the trade of cities on the corridor with the passage of transit cargo, Turhan said, “In line with our forecasts, the number of provinces exporting over 2035 billion dollars will reach 1 by 27. In the longer term, that is, according to the forecasts of 2053, as the export figure approaches 1 trillion, the exporting cities will be about 50 in total, mostly from the east. ” said.

We will make the trucks transport at close range

Turhan, according to studies Agriculture and Forestry Ministry, the process reaches from farm to fork fruit and vegetables in Turkey, 40 percent of losses, stating that there, said transport in general is reflected in the prices due to the costs carried by road.

Stating that they think that making greenhouse-oriented agriculture close to consumption areas will reduce logistics costs, Turhan said, “Providing integration of sectors such as fresh food, fishery or floriculture with air cargo will reflect positively on costs.” he spoke.

Turhan pointed out that they would increase the rail transportation between the collection and distribution centers.

Turhan, Logistics Coordination Executive Board and the Presidential Strategy and Budget Directorate of participants envisaged for the Subcommittee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Ministry of Treasury and Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Technology Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Interior, Environment and Urban Planning Ministry, Turkey Assets Fund, TOBB, reported that TIM is present.

Board, according to the strategies of Turkey's Logistics Master Plan for implementing the necessary cases, time schedules, activities and Turhan describing would be responsible for updating the responsibilities and roles, noting that followed the realization according to plan with the programs of the organization.

The development of combined transport through the investments to be made under the plan will be provided, logistic costs Turhan that the information will be minimized, "Turkey, we plan to invest 110 billion dollars in the long term transport infrastructure to achieve the Logistics Master Plan goals." said.

Turkey Logistics Master Plan for the next period, giving direction to invest in logistics, Turkey could be seen as a major investment destination for foreign trade to support moves voicing Turhan, he said:

"We need to strengthen Turkey's logistics infrastructure to achieve the export target of $ 2053 trillion in the year 1. Turkey's moves in global trade, we need this to be logistic base in their region. One Way Belt, Trans-European Transport Network, on routes such as Europe-Caucasus-Asia Transport Corridor, the transit trade in the emerging Russia-Africa route through Turkey, we need to ensure that moves. "

Minister Turhan, agricultural products over the shortest possible route and at affordable prices to move to the tables of citizens stressing the need for this move, emphasizing the preparation of the plan thanked.

“We aim to increase the share of rail transport”

In his speech, Minister of Commerce Ruhsar Pekcan stated that most of the foreign trade was done by sea, followed by road and air, respectively.

“Unfortunately, the railway is at a very low level, with 1 percent in our foreign trade. On the other hand, when our foreign trade is analyzed regionally, the export routes that we depend heavily on road transportation make our foreign trade difficult from time to time. It is important for our export targets to make this outlook more balanced with the advances in logistics, to increase the share of rail transportation in our foreign trade and to reduce domestic transportation costs. ”

Increasing the efficiency of logistics services in the plan, identification of alternative transportation routes and Turkey on logistics centers of attracting work that prioritization of issues such as attention on the establishment Pekcan, voiced their foreign trade policy and comports with the target.

Pekcan stated that the efficient cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in the field of logistics will continue increasingly. I think it will contribute. ” said.

Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, organized industrial zones (OIZ), special industrial zones, ports and free zones, including the 294-kilometer connecting lines, the new logistics centers by establishing these lines will increase the competitiveness of the industry, he added.

Transportation infrastructure jumped era

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's leadership, the jump ages of Turkey's transportation infrastructure and that therefore Varank stating that the strategic position is further strengthened, that the development of the situation of the industry, trade and growth in the revival of the channels of investment and stated that employs a significant contribution provides.

Varank pointed out that every step taken in the field of transportation and logistics directly affects the competitiveness of the country and said that it is important to consider and diversify logistics areas and modes of transportation together in industrial zones.

We prioritized the logistics of our industrial zones

Varank said that while planning this issue, it is a great benefit not only to take into account the commercial relations of today but also the markets with potential for the future.

“From this point of view, we prioritized meeting the logistics needs of our industrial zones in our 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy. In this context, we have collected freight information from all operating OIZs and industrial zones. We also included the needs of markets and industrial zones where these loads are related to our study. In addition, we mapped the distances of all our industrial zones to conventional railway lines with our Ministry. All of our work has shown itself in the Logistics Master Plan. ”

Logistics centers will be established

Stating that they are carrying out a joint work with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Strategy Budget Directorate, Varank also stated that they are conducting a joint work with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Strategy Budget Directorate. We have the goal of making 294 kilometers of junction lines that include OIZs, private industrial zones, ports and free zones. With these lines, we will establish new logistics centers and thereby further increase the competitiveness of our industry. ” said.

Expressing that the center of the global economy is shifting from west to east and that the Generation and Road initiative led by China is extremely valuable in this sense, Varank said that this initiative has mobilized the potential in the development of local economies by providing logistics and infrastructure opportunities to the countries it undertook. Varank, so that new markets, new ways of doing business that the door opened and a new dynamism in the economy at this point and said that Turkey should play a leading role in the emerging markets using their existing advantages.

Expressing that there is an opportunity to cooperate with all the stakeholders in the Generation-Road initiative, Varank said, “There is no obstacle to our being the production and technology base of the European, Asia Minor and African markets. Every step we take in the field of logistics will lead us to goals like this much faster, we are sure of that. ” he spoke.

Turkey Railway Logistics Centers Map

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