6th Caretta Bicycle Festival Started in Mersin

Caretta Bike Festival in Mersin
Caretta Bike Festival in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, Mersin Cycling Travelers Association and Metropolitan Municipality this year in partnership with 6. participated in the Caretta Bicycle Festival. Secor, Turkey's Mersin pedaled 22 150 the streets with cyclists that participated in the different cities.

In his opening speech before the tour, President Seçer stated that they would attract different cultures to Mersin by increasing the number of festivals. He added that they are working to expand the use of bicycles. We've got a run of 40 kilometers. We will implement it in a very short time ”.

Mayor Seçer toured the city with 150 bicycles

The Caretta Cycling Festival, organized in partnership with the Municipality of Mersin and the Association of Cycling Travelers under the auspices of the Governorship of Mersin in order to draw attention to the narrowing habitats of caretta turtles, the ancient visitors of the coasts of Mersin, which are the most important breeding areas, and 6 this year. Created once. President Seçer, who participated in the festival, met with 22 cyclists from 150 city in the morning. Seçer, who jumped on his bike to realize the beginning of the festival, toured the streets and streets of Mersin with his 150 bike.

Uz We want to increase such festivals ”

Speaking before the start of the Caretta Bicycle Festival, President Seçer said that they would like to make Mersin more colorful with the festivals they will make and support in different fields. Seçer said, “You have come from our different city of 22, the paradise of our paradise country. Mersin, the city of cultures. Living in Mersin is a privilege. We want to move Mersin to much better spots. We would like to duplicate such activities. Because this is the city of peace. Here we are happy, peaceful. The world and Turkey different approach by each of the cultures, languages, structures, we want to bring our city because different kültü, different colors, peace, peace, brotherhood, unity, brings with it a draw, "he said.

“Our festival draws attention to both active life and climate change”

Seçer added that the Bike Festival was made to attract attention to the habitats of turtle turtles and the importance of cycling and that it included important themes. He's giving us a few messages. One of them is moving life. As an individual, it means that we are constantly mobile and we are healthier. The bike makes all our muscles move from head to toe, making us healthy. On the other hand, the biggest shortage of today is climate change. Exhaust gases, which also affect the emission in the atmosphere, which cause climate change. In other words, the damages caused by the vehicles, buses, public transportation and their exhaust gases to the atmosphere. The bike eliminates this..

“We are working on the 40 kilometer bike trail”

Mayor Seçer also shared the information that the citizens of Mersin were doing a track work in order to use their bicycles in a comfortable and safe environment.

“We, as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, are doing the necessary works for paving the way for the use of bicycles in a more comfortable, safe and comfortable environment for Mersin residents. 40 km we have a track work. We have a route starting from the railway station to Mezitli along the coast. We also have routes on the northern axis. Extremely well prepared, well studied, will be a project that will please our valued bicycle users when we implement it. We will implement it in a very short time. ”

Marriage proposal surprise

At the festival, there was a surprise waiting for President Seçer and all participants. Sercan Englandok, a member of Mersin Cycling Travelers Association, who participated in the festival with his bike, surprised both President Seçer and the participants by proposing to his beloved Ceylan Dümer. Congratulations to the duo and wishes to make preparations for the wedding as soon as possible President Selector, promised to mince the couple's wedding.

The Mersin Caretta Bicycle Festival aims to promote the local culture, history and natural beauties of Mersin, as well as to promote bicycle culture, sports and tourism in the city. Starting at Cumhuriyet Square and continuing throughout the day, 3 will cycle cyclists at 135 km. While pedaling, he will visit many historical places of Mersin with historical, touristic and natural beauties.

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