Trabzon Cable Car Project Canceled?

trabzonda cable car project is canceled
trabzonda cable car project is canceled

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Meeting today was held in the council meeting hall under the chairmanship of Deputy Mayor Atilla Ataman.

It was announced that the ropeway project planned to be made by the Metropolitan Municipality from Trabzon to Boztepe in Trabzon was canceled due to the court decision.

Speaking on the subject, CHP Group President Turgay Sahin, “10 61 years ago in the 10 project had the promise of a cable car from Boztepe. Election won. XNUMX I've been here for years, but no improvement. Gumrukcuoglu said, we have removed from the agenda after the work. In the next election, this time again from Pazarkapi towards Çamoba line was said to be made. Trabzon does not need it for now. Pre-election populist policies are flying in the air. It's called a ropeway. Not then. He got up. I don't have to promise anything to do. No matter which party, the projects to be done should be explained. Citizens should be deceived, ”he said. (61SAAT)

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