Vehicle Owners Attention! .. Weekend, 81 Province, Radar Speed ​​Control will be done

vehicle owners will be checking radar speed in the province at the weekend
vehicle owners will be checking radar speed in the province at the weekend

Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Security 81 Provincial Police Department, Gendarmerie General Command, Provincial Administration General Directorate, EGM Special Pen Directorate has sent instructions to the radar application will be made.


Reduce violations through common traffic controls. The basic principle for traffic safety is accepted all over the world, and when traffic controls are not performed effectively, it is seen that various violations of rules, especially fast driving, increase.

When the fatal and injured traffic accidents occurring in our country in the first 2019 months of 8 are examined, it is understood that 9636 of them are "violation of the speed rule" and the majority of the accidents occur in the form of "single vehicle, speed and carelessness".

In order to ensure traffic order and safety, in order to direct the drivers to drive in accordance with traffic rules, prohibitions and restrictions, to prevent traffic accidents caused by speed violations and to minimize the loss of life and property caused by the accident; 12-13 In October 2019, with the participation of all radar vehicles in the local and regional traffic units nationwide, “08.30-10.00, 11.00-12.30 and 14.30-16.30” hours. total 10 Hourly, a special inspection for yap Speed ​​Control with K3-Radar olarak will be carried out with the conversion team. In Control;

1) Collar cameras shall be used strictly during the inspection in order to prevent possible negativities.

2) Sensitive to other deficiencies or violations of rules specified in the legislation on vehicles and drivers, if necessary, the necessary legal actions shall be implemented decisively.

3) Audits shall be conducted over UTP and followed by unit supervisors.

4) In the inspections to be carried out, radar speed supervision shall be started over UTP and terminated at the end of the inspection in each notification / translation team. These issues will be monitored centrally by UTP system.

5) Total Radar, Active Radar and Non-Radar Radar numbers in the result form shall be entered and confirmed.

6) By taking the necessary traffic measures in the Directive on Measures to be Taken in Traffic Controls and Traffic Accidents, the vehicles / drivers will be controlled.

7) The results of the inspections shall be sent to the Department of Traffic Execution and Inspection as indicated in the annexed submission form.

8) As the results of the audit are shared with the public via national / social media, visuals (photographs) which can be shared with the sample and press by the provincial traffic units of Çorum, Mersin, İstanbul and Kırıkkale will be sent together with the audit results.

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