Uniform Clothing Application of Minibuses Started in Malatya

in malatya, uniform application of minibuscuser started
in malatya, uniform application of minibuscuser started

The Municipality of Malatya, which has signed many innovations, has realized a first by pioneering the implementation of minibus uniforms.

The application was started at Koyunoglu Minibus Stop, which was selected as a pilot stop. A ceremony was held on the application at the stop. The ceremony was attended by Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, Mesut İnce, the President of the Chamber of Minibuses and Public Servants, Cemal Erkoç, General Manager of MOTAŞ, and the department heads and minibus tradesmen.

İnce: Arabesque listening period is over now, we will listen to our citizens now

In a short speech at the ceremony, the President of the Chamber of Minibuses and Public Servants Mesut Ince, said that the Metropolitan Municipality of Malatya, very good quality services in the public transport point.

In order to achieve the same quality and standard in other public transportation vehicles, they made a series of implementation decisions. When we received positive responses, we started to practice. Our Metropolitan Municipality gives us great support in the implementation of the implementation point. Koyunoglu Minibus Stop was the first center of this application. The arabesque listening period is over. Now we listen to our citizens. As a minibus shopkeeper, we will provide quality service to our citizens within the framework of tolerance. We will receive the fruit of these studies soon. We do not expect everything from our state. We put our hands under the stone, even our trunk. Our 27 or even 233 minibus employees will switch to uniform clothing and produce citizen-oriented services. Within the scope of the application, our Municipality has presented pants, shirts, shoes and ties. I would like to thank our Mayor Selahattin Gürkan for his support. ”

Gürkan Malatya minibus shopkeepers will be a role model to Turkey

Voicing honored to coexist with minibüsçü trades Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, he said Turkey's Malatya minibüsçü trades would be a role model.

Stating that there is a negative perception on minibus tradesmen throughout the country, President Gürkan said, “We are implementing some practices to eliminate these negative perceptions. We know the other tradesmen who use public transport, especially the minibus tradesmen in Malatya, as polite, courtesy and exemplary individuals. This application is born from this kindness. This conscious approach will be an example to Turkey. We should consider this practice as a manifestation of respect for society, not uniformity. When we use public transport in Malatya, we saw that the minibuses in Malatya created awareness. We found that customer satisfaction is in the upper segments. This is unique to Malatya. Koyunoglu Minibus Stop is the first starting place for the clothes we will give to our 233 minibus shopkeepers. The positive approach of our tradesmen shows that our education and culture level is very high. ”

Stall shopkeepers were very pleased with the application and thanked the Mayor of Turkey, Selahattin Gürkan for their support and contributions.

After the speeches, Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, handed out clothes to the tradesmen in the minibus. At the wheel of the President Gürkan, tradesmen also chatted.

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