9 mechanics detained in train accident in Elazig killed 2 people

In the train accident in which 9 people died in Elazig, 2 machinists were detained: 9 people died in Elazig after the collision of a minibus and train carrying greenhouse workers yesterday.
The machinists of Vangölü Express, who caused the death of 9 people and injured one person, hitting the minibus carrying the greenhouse workers who wanted to cross the railway uncontrolled yesterday in Elazığ, were detained within the scope of the investigation.
Carrying passengers from Tatvan District of Bitlis to Ankara, Vangölü Express no. 11532 collided with 23 DF 622 plate minibuses used by Mesut Karakoç, who carried greenhouse workers yesterday morning in the Yurtbaşı Town of Elazig center. At the level crossing, 1625 meters away, the accident that occurred while trying to cross the railroad, 5 people, including 9 drivers, suffered the life of the driver, and 1 was seriously injured.
After the accident that occurred during the uncontrolled transition without any security measures and barriers, train engineers Burhan E. and Bekir Y. were arrested yesterday. After the completion of his statements at the Police Department, 2 machinists will be dispatched to the courthouse.




    1. Railway road vehicles from time to time collide. Safety measures in the gate can be out of order .. In the light of the noise-evoked, lower / overpass should take measures such as municipalities. It's not a matter of reason.Makinist% 100 is not guilty because it is not guilty. So why not cuff your hands?