IZTO Delegation Delivered Minister Turhan's Expectations in Izmir's Logistics Sector

izto delegation conveys expectations of turhana izmir in logistics sector
izto delegation conveys expectations of turhana izmir in logistics sector

The delegation headed by Izmir Deputy M. Atilla Kaya and Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO) Vice Chairman Cemal Elmasoglu visited the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan in his office. During the visit, various opinions and demands regarding the sector were shared, including the re-launching of RoRo flights from Alsancak Port in Izmir and the operation of Kemalpaşa Logistics Center as a logistics specialized industrial zone.

During the visit of the delegation, which included İZTO Assembly Member Ali Karakuzulu and İZTO Consultant Hitay Baran, the issue of closure of Alsancak Port to RoRo transportation first came up. TO Alsancak Port was closed to RoRo transportation with the UKOME decision taken on August 28. As a result of our negotiations with the Metropolitan Municipality, 2018 In August 8, a new UKOME decision was made to start RoRo transportation. We expect the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to give permission to start these flights from Alsancak Port. We think that it will be very positive for the sector to start the RoRo flights in terms of being more competitive in the logistics sector, increasing the variety of services and reducing the costs of our exporters by reducing the RoRo freight charges. ”


In addition, the visa issue of the Logistics Center, which is under construction in Kemalpaşa, and the employees of the logistics companies engaged in international freight and passenger transportation was also brought to the agenda. Elmasoğlu presented the business model proposal for Kemalpaşa Logistics Center, which is the first truly logistics center of our country, which will increase the logistics potential of İzmir and make the sector internationally competitive, to Minister Cahit Turhan. Elmasoğlu, Kemalpaşa Logistics Center operation, Izmir Chamber and Commodity Exchanges and Aegean Exporters' Union in accordance with the ongoing work on Dikili and Menderes Agricultural Based Specialized Organized Industrial Zones (TDIOSB) said that the same status can be implemented. Stating that this proposal is very important in terms of public and private sector cooperation, Minister Turhan said that they would consider the proposal.

IZTO members engaged in international freight and passenger transport, touching on the visa problem experienced abroad, Elmasoğlu, for the solution of this issue in the service stamped passport or a man's wallet, such as the application of a passport said. Stating that they are closely following the issue and are aware of the problem, Minister Turhan said that they have made efforts to solve this problem in both bilateral and multilateral international meetings, which were provided as a Ministry, and that they will continue to work until the problem is solved.

After the meeting, the delegation, Minister Turhan's instructions and General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Yalçın visited Eyigün and shared the details of the project proposals. As a result of the negotiations, it was decided to carry out a more detailed study on the operation of Kemalpaşa Logistics Center with the “Logistic Specialized OIZ Model”.



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