Ro-La Proposal for Road Transport from Hungary

Ro-La Proposal for Road Transport in Hungary: Turkey-Hungary Joint Committee on Road Transport (Kukk) meeting, was held at the Izmir Chamber of Commerce on March 03-05.
As discussed in the meeting between Turkey and Hungary and transit shipments out of Hungary, the Turkish delegation asked for reductions in wages noting the height of the transition document and toll charges applied by Hungary.
Hüseyin Yılmaz, Deputy Director General of the General Directorate of Highway Arrangement, and the delegation of the Hungarian delegation were headed by Andras SZEKELY and the trade volume between the two countries was targeted to reach 5 billion dollars in line with developing commercial relations. It was also agreed that the road transport activities should be mutually improved in order to achieve these goals that are important for both countries.
UTIKAD Board Member of Aydin Turkish delegation at the meeting of the Branch also attended the in transit Hungary of the high fees it receives from the Turkish vehicle, the cost of additional Turkey posed to foreign trade and Turkey brought the transport sector creates the agenda for consideration for unfair competition. In addition, it was emphasized that both toll documents and toll fees and increased costs are against international law and do not coincide with the close relationship between the two countries. The delegation emphasized that the right of transit specified in international agreements should be protected and conveyed the request for additional free transit document to the Hungarian delegation.
The Hungarian delegation said that the electronic tolls received from the highways were taken from the vehicles of each country and that the issue should be discussed in the parliaments so that they could be discounted.
At the meeting, the Hungarian delegation conducting the demands on drivers and KDV refund visa exemption, then the use of tolls documents were requested from the Turkish delegation to Turkey on extradition them. The Turkish delegation stated that it does not seem technically possible to return the paid pass, but the issue will be re-evaluated.
The meeting was also brought to the agenda by the Hungarian delegation as an alternative to the high wage applied on the highway. The Ro-La system, which is a form of transportation of vehicles such as trucks, trucks and trucks on railways, is a more environmentally friendly transportation model and also removes costs such as additional transit documents and highway charges.
It was stated by the Turkish delegation that the Ro-La transport system could be preferred if the appropriate conditions were met. With the protocol signed at the end of the meeting 2014 xNUMX xNUMX xnumx units in the quota of xNUMX units have been increased.


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