The development of railways will cover most deficiencies

The development of railways will cover most deficits: Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, President of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters' Association (DKİB), drew attention to the issues related to the status of logistics globally and the importance of international trade in the panel on developments in the TR 90 Region last week.

Gürdoğan emphasized the importance of competitiveness at the regional scale with the transformation of global competition among countries into interregional global competition. kazanhe said he did. DKİB President Gürdoğan stated that international trade has the greatest impact on increasing competitive advantage: “Considering the impact of international trade on the competitiveness of countries and regions, national income and economic welfare, international trade is one of the leading factors that will increase the added value created by the operations to be carried out. transportation and logistics services, transportation infrastructure investments, qualified workforce, global transportation vision and legal regulations facilitating trade are of great importance. kazanis going on.”

Expressing the importance of transportation / logistics facilities as an important tool for facilitating foreign trade and enhancing its competitiveness, Gürdoğan said: it is an evaluation. bir

Underlining that most of the world's 20 busiest ports are located in the Asian region, Gürdoğan continued as follows: “The development of China, which has become a global actor, affects not only the Asian region but also all countries of the world. Especially China's recent dizzying economic development rate and other indicators point to this region as the 'factory of the world'. As in other examples, Singapore, which is known as the country with the busiest transfer port in the world, also examines the export figures of the last 10 years, the effect of its success in logistics is obvious. Exports, which were 2003 billion dollars in 278,6, reached 2013 billion dollars as of the end of 513,3. ”

Explaining that the logistics sector in Europe has a long history and is considered to be the most advanced of its peers in the world, Gürdoğan continued: “There are three categories of distribution facilities in Europe: These are; European Distribution Centers with streams going to customers in many European countries or affiliated regional or national distribution centers; are typically Regional Distribution Centers serving some neighboring countries (eg Spain, Portugal and southern France) and National Distribution Centers covering local markets in a country. Distribution centers in Europe are mainly concentrated in the Netherlands, France, the UK and Germany. Together, these four countries account for over 300 percent of nearly 50 distribution centers. These are followed by Spain, Belgium and Poland, and these countries make up 20 percent of the total. ”


Regarding the evaluation of the logistics sector in Turkey, Gürdoğan said: “The following reality emerges in this regard. The dependency of the transportation system on a single mode has decreased, and the importance of concepts such as intermodal and combined transportation. kazanIn today's world, the necessity of logistics village areas is increasing day by day in order to accelerate the growth in the logistics sector and to have a competitive structure with the countries of the world.


Our country, it possesses the advantages of not using enough way to become logistic bases describing Gurdogan, said: "to make the distribution to markets in the region where its geographical location is the case with Turkey, deficiencies in existing laws, insufficient infrastructure and its inability to sufficiently use the opportunity of the competent authority desired rate can not be successful. Turkey's current lack of regulation in the law will be implemented in several ministries and NGO coordination and Turkey Exporters Assembly of the Council is being conducted in the Presidency and following the completion of a short time before the strategy document described Turkey logistics master plan for the sector as a priority giving more attention to be directed to the required investment and industry to industry It is expected that the countries in the geography in which they are located will move their goods and further their business potential. ”


Gurdogan, Turkey's logistics market in the world in order to have an active position, sector efficiency and should be structured to increase the effectiveness and timeliness of eligible investments should be made, he said.

Explaining that it is important to use modern and economic equipment, informatics and communication technologies with the cooperation of public and private sectors, Gürdoğan continued his words as follows: “Turkish is the solution partner of every sector in achieving the '2023 billion dollar export' target in 500. The logistics sector is home to over 90 large and small companies with a volume of up to 2 billion dollars. Although the sector experienced relatively troubled days due to the contraction in Europe and the problems in the Middle East following the economic crisis in Europe, it closed 2013 with a growth of approximately 10 percent by turning to new markets. Outsourced logistics services account for about 36 percent of the Turkish market, with a size of USD 40 billion. ”


According to the information provided by Gürdoğan, “The development of the railways among the projects allocated a budget of 2023 billion dollars by 23,5 will ensure that one of the important deficiencies of the Turkish logistics sector is closed. With the end of the Marmaray Project, the Rail Tube Passage, which passes under the Bosphorus, the benefits of the projects will become more understandable. Another major infrastructure project in Kars -Tiflis - Baku railway line and Batumi in the region's ongoing Customs Terminal building of the eastern Black Sea-Asian Railway with integration via Turkey's rail transport will inevitably pass attack. "

According to Gürdoğan, “Thanks to the railway connection to be integrated in the region in Samsun, extending to Batumi, our country will be included in this chain and will have reached its goals in transfer and transit trade more advantageously by this means. current transportation network in Turkey, especially in highways, roads and railways in terms of the intensity of the Eu-though the presence of a logistics network covering the missing and their investment objective behind the 27 standard is felt. In addition, the Turkish logistics sector, which is the leader of Europe with a fleet of 55 thousand vehicles in road transportation, can be among the giant logistics of Europe with more modern structures. The volume of the logistics industry reached $ 8 trillion in the world, watching stagnant after the crisis Turkey's 90 billion pounds of this volume in the logistics sector, the volume of the next 3 years, there are growing capacity of up to about 3 times. From a regional perspective; Our TR90 Region, which is a regional attraction center in transportation and production, is located on international road, airline and sea lines, is in a position to serve as a bridge in trade between Asia and Europe. Considering the fact that the importance of logistics in foreign trade is undeniable, an evaluation of the foreign trade performance of the region should be made: According to the data obtained from the Ministry of Economy, based on the export distribution of TR2013 Region in 90, TR90 Region is located in the 6 regions in the statistical region class (Trabzon, Rize, Artvin, Giresun , Ordu and Gümüşhane) Exports in 2013 amounted to $ 1.992.512.571, and the Region is ranked 26th among other 2 Level 12 regions. ”

Gürdoğan, TR90 Region exports in the sectoral distribution of the 50,42 share with a share of hazelnuts and products first, with a share of 14,92 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable products with a share of the second and 13,69'in Mine and Metal products ranked third, he said.

According to the information given by Gürdoğan, “In 90, exports were made to 2013 different countries from the TR126 region, and the top five countries to export were the Russian Federation, Germany, Italy, People's Republic of China and Georgia, respectively. In the country group ranking, the European Union countries are followed by the Commonwealth of Independent States. Nuts and their products and fresh fruits and vegetables were exported to these countries on a product basis. When the number of TR90 Region exporter companies is analyzed, it is seen that there is a significant increase in the number of exporter companies in the Region between 2002-2013. The number of exporter companies reached 481 in Trabzon in 2013, where 216 exporter companies are located, where Trabzon has the highest number of exporter companies. In terms of the number of Trabzon exporting companies, it hosts approximately 90 percent of the exporting companies in the TR45 Region. Artvin follows Trabzon with a share of 18 percent. The least exporting company is located in Gümüşhane. Rize, most mineral exports in Turkey are located in our region TR90 performed as a province. "


Explaining that the region has significant advantages from the point of view of logistics, Gürdoğan continued as follows: “The region is in the position of a bridge between Asia-Europe and the Black Sea-Mediterranean geographically and it is located at the intersection point of three continents. From this perspective, our country and our Eastern Black Sea Region; It is in a very convenient position in terms of international logistics with its feature of being a distribution and collection (transfer) center for Europe, Balkans, Black Sea, Caucasus, Caspian, Central Asia, Middle East and North African countries. The fact that there is regular container transportation to the most important destinations of the world from Trabzon, which is the center of TR90 region, contributes greatly to the growth of our international trade day by day and the preferred choice of Trabzon port in transit and international trade. By Road from the Region; The West and the Balkans, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Russia, Georgia, the Turkic Republics, the Middle East and the Gulf countries are easily accessible to all destinations in the world by container lines and seaway. In this context, in our region, which has an advantageous position in logistics and transportation, the Logistics Sector has become an extremely important sector in terms of local dynamics as well as geographical location. This potential needs to be turned into an advantage with your modern logistics infrastructure and facilities. ”

According to the information given by Gürdoğan, “In terms of global logistics opportunities, the fact that the regional ports are included in the TRACECA project, which is the Europe-Caucasus-Asia Transport Corridor, which is called the revitalization project of the east-west corridor, will also have a very important function in transportation between Asia and Europe. it appears to be confirming. In addition to the Europe-Caucasus-Asia Transport Corridor (TRACECA) project of the region, the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (KEI), Trans-European North-South Highway Project (TEM), Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), International E-Road Network, Asia and Pacific Its proximity to many international agreements and projects such as the Economic and Social Commission (ESCAP), the VIKING Project and the Northern Railway Corridor also point to other important opportunities in the region's global logistics. For this, it is necessary to make the regional provinces and hinterlands attractive by activating certain infrastructures in order to activate the experience and knowledge of the provinces in the region and their potential for geographical proximity advantage. In this context, there is a logistics center to be established in the Region and the opportunity to transform the provinces of the Region into a supply and transfer center of Europe, Middle East and Asia. ”

According to Gürdoğan, “The Kazbegi -Verhni Lars border gate, which will provide a transit route to the Russian Federation via Georgia, has been opened, with the possibility that the Abkhazian gate will open in Georgia and Abkhazia in the long term and the opening of this gate will be opened. It will be possible to reach the Russian Federation by road per hour. The possibility of opening the South Ossetia gate, which is also the third gate to pass through Georgia through Georgia, is likely to be opened to freight traffic after the Sochi or Adler ports after 6, as well as political negativities in the Middle East that are likely to continue in the coming years as in previous years. Due to the risky transits to Central Asia and the Turkic Republics through these countries, these crossings are highly likely to be directed by Kazakhstan - Turkmenistan by ferry from Makhachkala on the Caspian coast of Russia and through this route. Extending to China by road will make the TR2014 Region Logistically attractive. In addition to this, the fact that the transportation opportunity to China will be born on this line will bring the cargoes returned from China to Europe via our region. Because cargoes from China to European countries can be delivered by container line in a minimum of 90 days. The loads to be transferred to the logistics center to be established in our region by road over this line will enable the possibility to be sent to Europe and the hinterland countries in a shorter time from the logistics center planned to be established with the existing container line. In addition, thanks to a logistics center that will be created with all infrastructure facilities taking into account the world examples, there is also the possibility of transit trade of the Russian Federation and its hinterland countries from Europe and the raw material loads from these countries to European countries.

According to Gürdoğan, “In other words, in terms of its proximity to the Middle East Region, it is possible to carry out the Middle East - Europe and Middle East - Central Asia transit cargo flow through the logistics center to be established in our Region. Currently, there are the ports of the regional provinces, which are the closest ports from our country to the Northern Iraq Region, where western companies have made a large investment. For the logistics center to be established, an integrated facility should be planned close to the ports, which will include transfer terminals, private warehouses, warehouses, packing areas, banks, customs, insurance, social areas and other superstructures that may be necessary, as well as TIR parks, repair and maintenance areas. . Besides, the area kazanIt would be beneficial to consider an area integrated to the main highway routes, which will include the railway, which has been expected for many years, as a logistics center. Today, logistics centers established around the world are not only evaluated on the cost axis, but also features such as quality in service delivery, diversity, different innovative features, being alternative, traceability, security and reliability, and technological opportunities make the use of logistics centers attractive.

Gürdoğan, in the Eastern Black Sea region, which is planned to be established in this form of the logistics center, in other words, if it is brought to the fore with the features of awareness, it would not be difficult to be preferred by all segments, he said.

Gürdoğan explained the activities to be carried out as follows: “By choosing intermediate stations on the crossing routes of the Eastern Black Sea Logistics Center, it should be considered to increase the preferability of the center. In this context, in order to manage the shipments by our country, the establishment of a ferry line and the establishment of a ferry line primarily at the point that will allow the passage by ferry from Mahackale on the Caspian Sea coast of Russia, especially from the Kazbegi-Lars border gate of Georgia. It is believed that it will make a great contribution to the uninterrupted full capacity of the logistics center. Because this line is now a lower cost and safer line compared to the existing road crossings over the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The preferability of the Eastern Black Sea Logistics Center, which will be established in the future with these and similar intermediate logistics centers, will be increased. ”

Gürdoğan also provided the following information: “In the delivery of fresh fruit and vegetable products from the region to the Russian Federation, the North Caucasian Federal Republics and other regions of the hinterland; Work has been initiated for lands and areas that may be suitable for the designation of a specific transfer and storage area where vehicles will unload and transfer, especially for the establishment of a Turkish Logistics and Transfer Center in a potentially potential region as Taman port. Especially if the logistics sector that exits from the Asian Region is provided to pass through the Eastern Black Sea Region, billions of dollars will be provided to our country. I would like to emphasize once again that it will be beneficial to establish a logistics center in the region in order to ensure that our country progresses to 2023 targets firmly and contributes to the realization of our regional export target. As a result of the establishment of this center, we underline once again that the logistics sector that exits from the Asian Region will pass through the Eastern Black Sea Region, and if the transit load flow through the Middle East - Europe and the Middle East - Central Asia will be provided through this center, billions of dollars will be provided to our country. we want. For this reason, we urgently recommend that a modern logistics center be established in our region and it is supported by integrated investments and lines by the Russian and Turkish Republics, which are located in the corridors of important transit routes, in order to make this center even more attractive. Investments to be made in this direction will make a great contribution in reaching our country's 2023 goals, among the world's largest economies, and in reaching the goals of making it the leading country in its region. ”


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