İzmir Narlıdere Subway will be put into service at the end of 2022

izmir narlidere metro service will be opened at the end
izmir narlidere metro service will be opened at the end

Fahrettin Altay-İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continued its works in Narlıdere Metro without any interruption and held an introductory meeting showing the developments in the project to be completed in 2022. Mayor Soyer said, ede We are taking firm steps towards the goal in the biggest project followed by all İzmir. ”

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, Izmir, Narlıdere Metro to facilitate transportation within the city of Narlıdere Mayor Ali Engin, Balçova and Narlıdere district councilors told the district headmen. President Tunç Soyer, who visited the construction site with a crowded delegation and received information from the authorities, also answered the questions of muhtars and councilors about the construction of the subway. Together with the giant tunnel excavators called TBM, the underground tunnel also worked in the participants, examined the work on the spot. In the presentation before the visit, it was announced that two parking lots for 415 vehicles will be built in Balçova Station and two parking spaces for 223 vehicles will be built in Narlıdere District Governor's Office.

When the works are completed, a passenger taking the subway from Bornova EVKA-3 to Narlıdere will be able to go uninterrupted. The journey with the eco-friendly rail system in İzmir will reach 186,5 kilometers. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality aims to further reduce traffic congestion with its expanding metro network and to minimize the use of transportation-induced fossil fuels that cause climate crisis. The new metro line 7,2 will be km-long. Starting from Balçova district and ending in Narlıdere district, the entire line will pass underground. 1 open-close stations, 6 underground stations, 4 scissors tunnels, 9 production shafts and 2 storage lines will be connected.

Opening on 2022

Speaking at the introductory meeting, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer said, “This project is the biggest project that İzmir really follows and expects and we are moving forward with confident steps towards the target. The most valuable project that runs the calendar smoothly. Due to the economic crisis throughout the country, many investments were left unfinished. In spite of everything, we are able to continue the construction of the subway with very serious labor and concentration. I thank everyone who supported this effort. GÜLERMAK medar boast of a company in Turkey. We use a technology that is seen in exemplary projects in the world. ” Soyer said that a truly developed city is not a city where the poor even drive, but even the rich prefer public transportation. We will continue to equip İzmir with light rail system and metro. At the end of the 2022, we will all open together. Yap

155 digits 30 meter underground

Izmir Mayor Tunç Soyer, mayors, councilors and mukhtars 30 meters below the ground 155 stepped down the stairs examined the work on site. 600 meters into the tunnel progressed Soyer, "a story to the agenda of Turkey to enter the war so while there was a place that people hope that the presence of living pessimism. In many places where investment is stopped functioning perfectly, and perhaps continues apace this project it is one of Turkey's largest investment. I'm proud of the engineer, the worker, the controller, the laborer. In six months, 50 will be over. In other words, we will enter a period in which the work will proceed faster and the post will be much easier. ”

450 two tons of giant

The first of two giant tunnel boring machines called TBM in Narlıdere Metro, which is under construction, started production. The other one is under construction. Also, traffic, infrastructure and social life problems that may occur during the works are minimized. Modern tunneling machines also enable safer tunnel construction.

100 meters, each with a length of 6,6 meters and a diameter of 450 meters, will make an average of 20 meters per day. TBMs, which are becoming more and more important among the developed tunneling activities in the world, are also called tünel underground tunnel factories nedeniyle due to their functions. In public terms, these “giant mole ”s carry out tunnel excavation and support works together. Standing out with their extraordinary strength, TBMs can easily adapt to hard rock ground conditions with their versatile cutting head. 100 is one of the largest construction machines in the world with its length of meters. In terms of its dimensions, the TBMs of İzmir surpass even the Airbus 72 meter passenger plane.

It's all going underground.

The foundation of F. Altay-Narlıdere line, which is the 4 phase of İzmir Metro, was laid at 10 June 2018. The tender price is 1 billion 27 million TL and the duration of the work is planned as 42 months. The line consisting of 7 stations includes Balçova, Çağdaş, Dokuz Eylül University Hospital, Faculty of Fine Arts (GSF), Narlıdere, Sites and finally the district governor's stops.

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