Metro Bornova Will Extend to Square

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Metro will extend to Bornova Square: Plans to extend the Metro to Bornova Meydan have been approved. Bornova Municipal Council unanimously approved the 3/1 scale plans required to bring Metro from Evka-1000 to Bornova Center at its meeting yesterday. Since the 1/5000 scale plans were also approved by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the process in terms of planning was completed. Bornova Mayor Olgun Atila thanked İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and his team for bringing very large projects such as Aşık Veysel Recreation Area and Homeros Valley to Bornova.

ZNUMX / 3 scale development plans for the extension of Metro from Evka-1 to Bornova Meydan have been made. Bornova Municipality Council unanimously adopted the necessary plan changes for extension of the Metro to Bornova Meydan.

Plan process completed

After the works on the 1 / 5000 zoning plans required for the extension of the Metro were made by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, they were sent to Bornova Municipality for the plan approvals of 1 / 1000. Bornova Municipality has done the necessary work as soon as possible. The necessary changes were discussed at the Bornova Municipal Assembly Meeting held yesterday and were accepted unanimously and entered into force. Thus, the planning process for the Metro to come to Bornova Meydan was completed.

Thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality

This project, which draws attention to the importance of Bornova Mayor Olgun Atila, kazandır Bornovamıza Asik Veysel Recreation Area, Homeros Valley, such as the great projects that have brought Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and his team thank you very much. Bringing the Metro from Evka-3 to Bornova Center is really important for Bornova's transportation. In this important project, we have done our part as the Municipality of Bornova. We approved the necessary plans as soon as possible Gerekli.



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