Samsun Transportation will be increased but the minimum amount

samsunda transportation will be made but the minimum amount
samsunda transportation will be made but the minimum amount

At the meeting of the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, 44 was accepted by unanimous vote and 42 was accepted by majority vote.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality 2019 in October 22. The combination of 1. The session was chaired by Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. The 44 agenda item was unanimously approved by the 42 agenda item and the 2 agenda item was adopted by majority. President Mustafa Demir also announced that the hike to Samsun is being discussed.

“We will take all kinds of precautions in transportation”

Speaking about the 2020-2024 Year Strategic Plan proposal, Mayor Mustafa Demir said, ız We will be working in detail regarding the action plan. We continue our work at the point of animal husbandry. Here, the district mayors are also a matter of close interest. We'il work together. If we can succeed, we will look for a joint path with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry after the Presidential Government System. We will produce projects if there is a lot of space to produce projects in agriculture, animal husbandry and agriculture. We will integrate our district municipalities into these projects. We will sign major changes at the public transport point. Samsun is a rapidly developing city with a rapidly increasing traffic density. In this regard, traffic is experiencing serious densities. In this context, we will make serious efforts to regulate the density and traffic. We will ensure that all our citizens travel to their destination in the most efficient and safest way. We will do everything necessary for this and take all kinds of measures. ”

Mayor Demir said that transportation would be increased in Samsun and he said, çıkart We will remove SAMULAŞ from the point of financing with capital increases and we will do it very quickly in terms of increasing comfort, safety and speed. SAMULAŞ currently operates both the rail system and the buses. Every decision he makes about the routes affects other actors in transportation. We're doing a total study. These works will be shared with you in December. SAMULAS is not reinforced with capital, but is working on a system on its km. We are also working on advertising. There is also such a study in the UKOME'de raise. There is no such thing as not to do. Fuel prices and other developments in the industry are known. It is not a matter of concern to SAMULAŞ. There is a study at the transportation point of Samsun, minibuses, buses and rail transportation. We have an arrangement with him, but we are making a great effort to keep it to a minimum. U

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