Bus Stations to Be Increased in Belkıs

perhaps bus stops will be increased
perhaps bus stops will be increased

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Sahin, Belkis District of Sehitkamil district went to the neighborhood visits. Sahin, in order to solve the problem of insufficient bus stops in the neighborhood team, Belkis asked to start efforts to increase the bus stop in the neighborhood.

Speaking with the name of social municipality, Fatma Şahin continued to visit the neighborhood in order to see the problems in place and listen to the citizens. Examining the problems in the neighborhood muhtars chairman Şahin, solution-oriented problem-solving approach again established the throne in the hearts of citizens.

Mesaisine, Şehitkâmil Belkıs District of the district, starting from the Sahin, both the work carried out on-site examined, as well as identified the deficiencies of the neighborhood, the team gave instructions to eliminate the deficiencies.

Reflection of the completed work in consultation with the neighborhood headman Enver Özekici'yle Sahin, the neighborhood's public transport density and due to the growing neighborhood boundaries inadequate response to the desire to increase the number of bus stops, asked the team to start work to solve the problem. Mukhtar Özekici'yi browsing the stops next to the president, the vehicle is closely interested in the citizens waiting for the vehicle, chatted on foot.

Belkis neighborhood for many years to resolve the water shortage, thanks to the President Fatma Sahin for his efforts in the neighborhood residents, neighborhood asphalt and finishing work in the neighborhood will be resolved by the completion of deficiencies, he said.


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