Social message on tram hangers in Gaziantep

Social message on tram hangers in Gaziantep: Quotations in which social messages are given to the hangers on the trams by the City Council Youth Center in Gaziantep, which are also known as holders, both surprised and made them think. While the messages written by the famous words spoken by many people from world leaders to Islamic scholars are surprising at first, they also make people think on their short-distance travels.

Stating that they wanted to encourage reading books with the project, Gaziantep City Council Youth Assembly President Ercan Oğuz said, “As the Gaziantep City Council youth assembly, we made our tram handles more meaningful. Our notable people, Mevlana, Tabrizi, as well as world leaders have their say. book reading rate in Turkey, unfortunately, very little. With this study, we aimed to encourage reading books and increase the rate of reading a little more. Emoticons with social messages are also included here. For example, there are expressions like "If we divide we will be full, if we divide we will disappear". We as citizens and young people in Turkey, has come to our state, a coarse, is alive, this country can not be divided forever in this country, we want to continue in a strong way, "he said.

Positive reaction

Stating that the handles with written messages received a positive response, Oğuz said, “The reactions to these tram hangers are very positive. They say that when people read these words, we make them think, express themselves better, and learn better lessons with these expressions even if they do not read books. Citizens getting on the tram also stated that the messages given by the handles were very meaningful.

On the other hand, the messages on the 2 tram, according to the response can be spread in all trams were recorded.

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