Change Transformation Works Started at Altınkayı Boulevard

Altinkayisi boulevard exchange transformation studies started
Altinkayisi boulevard exchange transformation studies started

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality is engaged in change, transformation and renewal works on the Golden Apricot Boulevard, which is the largest boulevard in Malatya, which connects Tecde to Maşti junction.

3.3 kilometer-long, 50 meter width of the Golden Apricot Boulevard before the 1.1 kilometer section into the habitable space of the Metropolitan Municipality, the remaining 2.2 kilometer section began paving works.

Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, Golden Apricot Boulevard and made observations, made statements about the work to be done. Deputy General Secretary Latif Okyay and some heads of departments and branch managers accompanied the tour.

Mehmet Mert, Head of Road Construction and Infrastructure Coordination Department, stated that they started to work on Golden Apricot Boulevard which is one of the most frequently used roads in Malatya in terms of vehicle circulation since the day it was opened and said: ık We planned 2.2 route with 3 route and 3 arrival in 3 kilometer section. We are now doing a PMT series before asphalt. 15 will open our way to traffic during the day. ”

Gürkan: Our boulevard will have an even more beautiful appearance after landscaping

Mayor Selahattin Gürkan explained that they have started to work on making the Golden Apricot Boulevard befitting Malatya, “We planned the boulevard's ways as 3 departure and 3 arrival. As soon as 15 days, we will complete the asphalt works here. We are sensitive about the beginning of the work and the time to finalize. Since we do not want our citizens to be adversely affected in these studies, we are sensitive to this issue. Sidewalk, lighting, landscaping, medium-median work will begin soon. We are working on planting trees that do not need much water in our middle median. Our boulevard will have a more beautiful appearance with landscaping. ”

When all the road works in this region are finished, our citizens will be very comfortable

Emphasizing that the Golden Apricot Boulevard will be connected to Saray Bosna Street and connected to Fahri Kayahan Boulevard, Mayor Gürkan said, “Our Boulevard connects with Mıhlıdut Street. In order to make the traffic flow more healthy, we made a beautiful intersection at the point where Altınkayı-Güngör-Mıhlıdut streets meet. The biggest axis of this region is the Golden Apricot, when we connect with Saray Bosna Street which we opened to the west, we will have a new way in the east-west direction. This will ease the urban traffic with the west side of the ring road. Our boulevard is also one of the main connections of the South Belt road. When all the road works in this region are finished, our citizens will be very comfortable ”.

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