Island Express Train Schedules 7 to Increase in December

island express train service will increase in range
island express train service will increase in range

It is expected that the train service will increase again after 2 December, which is the date TCDD gave for the improvement and repair works that 7 started to build in May.

Kocaeli Peace Newspaper'According to the news of Oğuzhan Aktaş; “Before the High Speed ​​​​Train Expeditions, the Ada Express, which made the Adapazarı- Haydarpaşa expeditions, could not regain its former operability after the High Speed ​​​​Train works. kazanWhile the number of passengers in the regional train, which is generally used by civil servants and students, also decreased. This train line, which made 10 trips a day again last May, reduced its flights to 8 after the cancellation of the Köseköy stop and the cancellation of the Derbent station. On this line, before the YHT, a total of 12 trips were made, 12 departure and 24 return, while 30 thousand passengers were transported per day. Currently, only 30 thousand passengers per month are transported on this line. While the Derbent stop is planned to be opened at the end of this month, the signaling works on the Köseköy- Pamukova line will only be completed on 7 December. With the completion of the works in the first stage, the number of flights will be increased to 10 and will be increased with the arrival of additional stops.

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