Istanbul Traffic Ready for New Education Year

istanbul traffic is ready for new education year
istanbul traffic is ready for new education year

9, where the new education year will begin in Istanbul, was taken in order to prevent traffic problems on Monday. IMM, Safety and Gendarmerie will work together to ensure traffic flow. 06: 00-14: Public transportation between 00 hours will be free of charge. Bus, metrobus, rail system and sea voyages will be increased. Parents who want to take their children to school on the first day, will carry the school bus.

Turkey will start on Monday, September 9 in the context of the overall 2019-2020 academic year, Istanbul will make 6 792 million total 2 796 thousand thousand thousand 674 155 39 students per teacher in school lessons. Measures to be taken due to the start of schools, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Deputy Secretary General for Transportation Orhan Demir chaired by a meeting held at the AKOM was discussed. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure 1. Regional Directorate, Provincial Directorate of National Education, Provincial Security Directorate, Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Provincial Health Directorate, Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Istanbul Public Service Vehicles Chamber, İDO A.Ş. and İBB units İETT, İSPARK A.Ş. City Lines Inc. managers.


Experts participating in the meeting, in the first days of education to avoid problems in the traffic of students and parents to be directed to public transport took the decision. Citizens were asked to use public transport and not to travel by private vehicle unless they were very necessary during school hours.


IETT, due to the opening of schools on Monday will pass the winter tariff. Expeditions will be increased by bus and metrobus vehicles. In addition, the rail system and sea transportation will be added to the passenger demands will be met.


Istanbul Public Service Vehicles Room, on Monday, parents who want to take their children to school will send a message to be taken to the services. Thus, citizens will be prevented from using their private vehicles during school hours. The 17 bin service vehicle throughout Istanbul will be provided with convenience for the use of the school gardens during student unloading and parking. 118 SPARK parking garage around the schools will provide free service to the shuttle vehicles on Monday. The full address and contact information of approximately 300 thousand students using the service in Istanbul will be provided to the service drivers in advance. Necessary directions will be made for the service vehicles to use the City Lines AŞ and İDO AŞ car ferries. to be checked through.


In line with the decisions taken at the AKOM meeting; IMM, Police and Gendarmerie, especially in the early days of school in Istanbul to work in coordination to ensure traffic flow. 359 official public order team, 269 school law enforcement officers, 1117 private security officer, 6 bin 787 Safe Training Coordination Officer will serve. Provincial Police Department will intervene immediately with 71 tow truck in case of material-damaged accidents on the roads. 102 police will be assigned to ensure the traffic flow. In the main arteries and school circles, traffic coordination will be prevented by coordinating the traffic with the municipal police. receivables.


The units of the institutions participating in the meeting with IMM bureaucrats will coordinate the traffic flow from AKOM in the first days of school. Monitoring the city traffic from the cameras, the blocked roads will be intervened immediately by the relevant units. 1500 will be assigned to school districts to help the police flow. With the mobile EDS vehicles, civilian traffic teams will also conduct inspections on the roads. 19 will be available in the main arteries of the attractive city to avoid accidents and road blockage. Citizens will be informed on internet, social media and mobile platforms to ensure traffic flow. Citizens, requests and complaints about the school 153 White Desk phone, website, mobile application or social media accounts can be delivered to the IMM.


IMM, pre-school in Istanbul across the pedestrian crossing 2 bin 780 completed the work of marking. 1157 pedestrian crossing and level crossing were painted with “Pedestrian First” sign. ”I'm Responsive Driver” signs were hung on signal poles. The posters of these signs will be shared on the websites and social media accounts of IMM and other public institutions before the school and parents and students will be informed.


Works will not be done on the construction sites in the week of schools. All the issues that will prevent the traffic will be eliminated and the works will be started gradually later. Existing studies will be completed before the opening day of the school.


IMM Assembly, IMM President in July Ekrem İmamoğlu At the meeting he held under the chairmanship of the President, he also decided to provide free public transportation services on the first day of opening of schools along with official and religious holidays. According to the decision, on Monday, September 9, between 06:00 and 14:00, buses, metrobus, rail system and seaway vehicles included in the electronic ticket integration will provide free service.

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