Started Viaduk Construction at Karakoyun Koprulu Junction
54 Sakarya

Viaduct Construction Begins at Karakoyun Interchange

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül started the construction of viaducts at Karakoyun Köprülü Junction, which is one of the projects emphasized. In the construction of Karakoyun Köprülü Junction, which the Metropolitan Municipality undertook to ease the traffic of the neighborhoods on the international Silk Road route. [more…]

Governor Gurel visited the Keltepe ski resort
78 Karabuk

Governor Gürel Investigated at Keltepe Ski Center

With Governor Fuat Gürel, Deputy Governor Barboros Baran, Provincial Police Director Secret Tuğ, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Ali Sefa Yılmaz, Provincial General Assembly Chairman Hasan Yıldırım, Provincial Special Administration General Secretary Mehmet Uzun, Youth and Sports [more…]

hicaz rail

Today in History: 15 September 1917 on the Hijaz Railway

Today in History 15 September 1830 The first modern railway started with the opening of the Liverpool-Manchester line in England. The railways, whose construction began in France in 1832 and in Germany in 1835, followed. The railway, which was commissioned in America from 1830, was built in Russia after 1855. 15 [more…]

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