world's first fully electric trailer
39 Kırklareli

World's First Full Electric Tugboat from BMA

22 shipyard is on the reference list of BMA Technology which carries out projects at 33 shipyard in the world. BMA 4 with different projects in different shipyards in Turkey, the Netherlands, Russia, Bulgaria, which also continued in countries such as Bangladesh project [more…]

devotee meets four asphalt
01 Adana

All Over Adana Meet With Asphalt

Adana Metropolitan Municipality in rural and central districts asphalting work continues uninterrupted Adana Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Department of Road Branch teams, Yumurtalik District Sugözü neighborhood began paving work. also [more…]

cost of istanbul airport is billion euros
34 Istanbul

Cost of Istanbul Airport 10 Billion Euro

Cahit Turan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, announced that the cost of the Istanbul Airport project is approximately 10 billion euros and that the project is expected to be completed in 2028. CHP Samsun Deputy Kemal Zeybek'in Transportation responded to the question [more…]

eshotun new general manager erhan bey
35 Izmir

New General Manager of ESHOT Erhan Bey

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's strategic plans covering the years 2020-2024 were unanimously approved by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council. The third session of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's ordinary parliamentary meeting in September was chaired by President Tunç Soyer. [more…]