The Legend of Bursa İzzet Kaptan's Items at Bursa City Museum

legend of the bursa izzet captain's goods bursa city museum
legend of the bursa izzet captain's goods bursa city museum

One of the important values ​​of Bursa and popularly known as 'İzzet Kaptan', İzzet Bayrak's belongings are exhibited in Bursa City Museum.

'The memorial corner created by İzzet Kaptan's objects, photographs and information donated to Bursa City Museum carries an important cultural accumulation to the future of the legendary captain's life. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Murat Demir, Izzet Kaptan and his family at the ceremony held in his speech, Bursa City Museum, said an important value.

Reminding the beauties of Bursa, Demir said, İz We are happy to be together with İzzet Bayrak, aka İzzet Kaptan, who is one of the symbol names of the sea city of Bursa. The original story of our captain begins with passenger transport between Kumla and Gemlik with his 17 meter boat 4 when he was 4. İzzet Kaptan, who realized his first moonlight tours in 1962, made sure that İzzet Kaptan boat was recognized by everyone with moonlight tours between Monastery, Gemlik and Kumla during 70 years. In the 1990 years, İzzet Kaptan bought an 22 meter, 165 person boat and went on the intercity tour tours. Recognized in Gölcük, ”he said.

Greetings from the sea

Until İzzet Kaptan's 80 age; Reminding that he invited passengers to his boat by calling out sel to the ministers from the balconies, to those who float on the beach and to greet everyone, Demir Demir said, “İzzet Kaptan retired in 2007 by handing over his boat and 'İzzet Kaptan' name right to the blue waters. İzzet Kaptan, whose life is at sea, will be transported to the future through the Bursa City Museum. The corner and showcase prepared from the objects and information donated by our captain will be carried to the future as a part of the city culture in the museum ”and thanked İzzet Kaptan for his support to the museum. İzzet Kaptan, who had emotional moments while sharing anecdotes about his life, said, um I am very happy now. I'm 93 years old, captain, 70 year toured the sea, 60 year tourism. All of Turkey knows me, I love everyone. What storms passed came. I have a very good profession. It's great to be here right now, and my belongings are on display at the Bursa City Museum. I am very happy, touched and very happy ”.

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