Electric Buses to Ease Traffic in Manisa

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergun, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality WEB TV, participated in the program, which will contribute to the relaxation of city traffic on the electric buses gave information about.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality WEB TV participating in the program participating in the program Manisa Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergun, while providing information about the projects that will contribute to the relief of traffic in the city electric buses will be delivered as of the end of June, indicating that the beginning of the last quarter of the year, said the service is planned to start service.

To serve on three routes
Expressing that the electric buses will be used during the peak of the traffic flow especially during the day, Mayor Ergün said,, Buses are starting from Alaybey Seyfettin Bey Street on the East Avenue, on the line of Moris Şinasi line. Moris Şinasi'ya on one line, from the station and the State Hospital, Cumhuriyet Street, the former security directorate building Manolya Square, East Street will be used as a separate line. In addition to this, as a top link, starting from Murat Caddesi down from Necati Bey will be used even descending to Alaybey. Unfortunately, these main arteries originate from single and double-sided parkings and cause a tremendous amount of time loss for our citizens who want to go to their jobs, factories and industries due to the majority of service buses close to the thousand-thousand 500 entering Manisa in the morning.

2 bin 400 car parked around
President Ergun, electric buses on the passage of a large number of vehicles parked on the roads, stating, ti 2 400 2 this car parked around the streets. 400 bin 250 you have to create new parking spaces in the vehicle. Where those vehicles from the street when it goes up, where it is connected to each other because you have to do the planning. These electric buses will use a line that will be used only by public buses, which we call preferential lines in the places of these parking vehicles. Along with it, the route of the vehicles currently in use will continue to be used. Consider the wider road of the bicycle path. In the meantime, the small separators will be separated, but even those vehicles can enter and exit here for the download overlay. Buses will work on the current line of cars parked. East Street and Karaköy line about the removal of the 300-XNUMX shuttle bus, "he said.

Vehicle and passenger counts
President Ergün, stating that the necessary work has been done in relation to the method to be applied, belir We, how many people going to the factory stall counts were made. In line with these counts, buses will carry the occupants to the OIZ. These buses will not enter other streets outside the main arteries during the day. Buses from these lines will serve with various ring services. There is a passenger carrying capacity of approximately 13-20 thousand per day. In other lines, editing works have been completed. The goal of the current 168 public bus is to reduce the transportation time by half in the new routes. People complain saying they go from one place to another in 55 minutes. The first 15 days along with the change will be troubles until 1 moon people are getting used to. All new routes have been identified. Meetings are held with the relevant 168 Cooperative management. We are also listening to their hesitations and problems. If we have a problem in our direction, we call them. As a result, their public buses will be commissioned at the point where we can't reach. New areas, mass housing opens, for example, there will be new routes. We make the systems that will connect them to these main arteries with different routes. We've been working on this for a year and a half. Their planning is over. The investment we made in this electric bus and charging station is an investment of 2 million pounds Bu.

Vehicles will be charged at night
President Ergün stated that electric buses would be charged during the night in the storage area. Belirten The accommodation of our vehicles will be made in the new garage. In idle hours, vehicles will be able to stand in the storage area, the system can be monitored and repairs will be done in this area. The construction of these facilities also accelerated. Even the columns were planted. We aim to complete them in June. This is going to be a repair station and a charging station. Buses will be charged at night. Buses are able to do 300 mileage with charges. This covers all flights in one day. We have 20 18 2 25 meters, we will put them in the morning and peak hours. Their planning has been made and continues to be done. If buses arrive in July, they will be operational in the last quarter of the year. Another leg is the OSB. I would like to thank to OSH President Sait Türek. In OSB there will be a small of this charging station. Sait Türek gave the place. We also drew the project of the building. The building will be delivered to us. 3 is being invested in close to a million. This is the first link between the OIZ and Manisa, which could not be done for years. Of course, the better transportation of our people to the organized industry was a gesture for Sait Türek and his administration to give place for the urban traffic to be relieved. In addition to giving the place, they will do the building themselves. I hope that the end of June will be delivered as of the beginning of July. Sait Türek has started to complain 'with me when I eat Cengiz Bey is expensive to me,' he said. He also undertook the Anemon Junction. One month ago, we met with Sait Türek. He will make the tunnel going back to Manisa from the OIZ in the form of a sinking out. There will also be a comfortable round-trip to Izmir by removing the signalization. Orada

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