The period in Izmir turkey gin relationship
35 Izmir

Izmir in Turkey Period China Relations

88. Izmir International Fair Izmir International Business Days within the scope of the second day of the "Turkey-China Business Forum" was held. Speaking at the opening of the forum where the letter of goodwill was signed between Izmir and Chengdu cities, Metropolitan Mayor Soyer said, “China and [more…]

iett kis tariff passes with time increase
34 Istanbul

IETT Passes Winter Tariff With Expedition Increase

IETT, the opening of schools 9 September Monday starting from the winter tariff. During the summer period, the number of trips of the metrobus will be increased by buses that are periodically maintained. IETT General Directorate, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, started the winter of the new academic year. [more…]

mevlana intersection was opened again traffic
41 Kocaeli

Mevlana Junction Reopened to Traffic

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Izmit Mevlana Junction Junction tramway can pass through the closure of the Kuruçeşme Beach Road line that provides connection to İnkılap Avenue, Highway Street and Salim Dervişoğlu Street before connecting the branch opened to vehicle traffic. Short [more…]

41 Kocaeli

Transportation Arrived in Kocaeli

Transportation Coordination Center Seka Park Hotel is expected to come to Kocaeli on the meeting was held about the transportation hike. Due to the increase in fuel, the meeting which the transportation cooperatives had demanded for a long time raise was postponed. That meeting today [more…]

samsunspor fan mujde Sunday free tram free
55 Samsun

Good news to the fans of Samsunspor! Sunday Tram Free

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir announced that Samsunspor fans will be able to use the trams free of charge for the Pendikspor match on Sunday, when the first match of the league will be played, Yilport Samsunspor, which entered the new season with the 'championship' password, is the excitement of the first match of the season in the home field. [more…]

kirkpinarun ropeway action in dun night
54 Sakarya

Last Night at the Cable Car Action in Kırkpınar

In the ropeway project, which will be carried out in Sapanca Kırkpınar Hasanpaşa District and Mahmudiye Neighborhoods, the citizens living in the region continue to sit down. In the cable car project, which starts from Kırkpınar Hasanpaşa District and extends to Mahmudiye District, the citizens living in the area where the construction will be carried out two days ago [more…]

Silk Road Economic Generation and Turkish Gin Relations
06 Ankara

Silk Road Economic Belt and Turkish-Chinese Relations

Sinciang District is a representative of our national culture in a major development and development move. geography homeland of Turks in this region, not to the Turkish-Chinese decomposition, and cooperation for mutual development in the Asian Century Turkey should be served as a bridge between the Chinese government. [more…]

63 Sanliurfa

Viranşehir's 'Death Bridge' becomes history

The Metropolitan Municipality started the construction of a new bridge, which connects Eser Rural Neighborhood, which is the farthest rural neighborhood on the border of Mardin, 115 kilometers from Şanlıurfa, to the main road and which the locals call 'Death Bridge' [more…]

military public transport period began
52 Army

2 in Public Transport in Ordu. Term started

2 of the Public Transportation Rehabilitation Project started by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in Altınordu district. stage was implemented. Citizens underlined that thanks to the studies made the comfort of public transport, because of this work Ordu Mayor Dr.. Mehmet [more…]

mass transportation vehicles in antalya audited
07 Antalya

Public Vehicles Inspected in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Control Teams carried passengers to the western districts of Antalya, public transport, commercial and service vehicles made for the audit. During the inspections, the equipment which was obliged to be kept especially for passenger safety was checked. Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department [more…]

pedestrian safety before school
41 Kocaeli

Pedestrian Safety Before School

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many transportation projects for citizens to travel more easily, cares about the safety of pedestrians within the traffic flow. Especially before the start of the new education period, the Department of Transportation and Traffic Management is in front of the school. [more…]

access to kocaelispor gamespark privilege
41 Kocaeli

Access to Kocaelispor MatchesPark Privilege

TransportationPark A.Ş., an affiliate of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Stadium bus services, which were initiated by the company last year, will continue this year as well. Watching Kocaelispor's match against Fethiyespor at Kocaeli Stadium on Saturday, May 7, 2019 at 19.00 in the new season. [more…]

istanbul traffic is ready for new education year
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Traffic Ready for New Education Year

9, where the new education year will begin in Istanbul, was taken in order to prevent traffic problems on Monday. IMM, Safety and Gendarmerie will work together to ensure traffic flow. 06: 00-14: Public transportation between 00 hours will be free of charge. Bus, [more…]

kemeralti is a guest at izmir fair
35 Izmir

Kemeraltı Visits Izmir International Fair

Izmir International Fair, Turkey will host the largest historic outdoor market. Turkey and arcades of Ontario's largest value, the fair will take place in Long Pool area. Kemeraltı's prominent flavors, forgotten craftsmen, brands, and goods for the whole country at the fair [more…]

the attention of the actor was the disaster
35 Izmir

Movement Officer's Attention Prevented Disaster

TCDD İzmir 3rd Regional Manager Selim Koçbay gave a certificate of appreciation to the dispatcher Ramazan Türegen, who noticed the abnormal situation in the train series and stopped the train. Banaz Deployment Officer Ramazan Türegen on 18 August 2019 in Uşak Banaz district 33314 [more…]

touax examined the freight wagons produced by tudemsasin
58 Sivas

TOUAX Examines TCDEMSAS's Freight Wagons

With its 11 thousand freight wagons, Touax, Europe's second largest leasing company, visited TÜDEMSAŞ to discuss the needs of freight wagons to be used in international transportation. Touax is an international company, based in Paris and specialized in railway transport. [more…]