Genclik Street
06 Ankara

Youth Street Gets New Look

After the road construction and asphalt works carried out by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality on Anıt Street, Anıt Street and Gençlik Street, road line works were also completed. Anitkabir around a thousand 950 meters long and 16 meters wide area [more…]

no pollution in myrtle sea
33 Mersin

No Passage to Pollution in Mersin Sea

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality does not allow marine pollution. The ship inspection activities, which are carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department, Maritime Services and Inspection Branch Directorate, in order to prevent marine pollution, are continuing. Big city [more…]

railroad wagons derailed in Mersin
33 Mersin

Freight Train Wagons Derailed in Mersin

The wagons of the freight train in Mersin Tarsus district derailed for an unknown reason. According to the information obtained, some wagons of the freight train going from Mersin to Adana direction derailed for an unidentified reason when approaching the Tarsus Station. It's the short distance [more…]

ibb announces the number of night subway users
34 Istanbul

IMM Announces Number of Night Metro Users

İBB has announced the number of users of the Night Metro. IMM SözcüMurat Ongun, 24 hour transportation project in Istanbul after the application of the night subway has announced that approximately 50 thousand people. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) SözcüSü Ongun, metro transportation is on the weekends 24 [more…]

dhl expresse customs clearance authorized certificate
34 Istanbul

Customs Authorized Obligation Certificate to DHL Express

DHL Express is the first international fast air transport company granted by the Ministry of Commerce, which has the “Authorized Obligated Certificate sahip of international validity, which provides companies with convenience and privileges in customs procedures. World's leading international fast air freight company DHL [more…]

europe mobility week event in gaziantep
27 Gaziantep

European Mobility Week Event in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has launched the European Mobility Week activities, which will be celebrated with the slogan "Safe Walking and Cycling" this year. Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül and many municipal employees, Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

european mobility week events in konya started
42 Konya

European Mobility Week Events Started in Konya

In order to leave a clean environment for future generations, protect the nature and prevent air pollution, many events are being held in Konya as part of the European Mobility Week in Konya simultaneously with more than one thousand 2 cities in Europe. Delegation of the European Union to the Environment and [more…]

eurasian road protocol signed
41 Kocaeli

Eurasian Road Protocol Signed

"Kocaeli Eurasian Road Studies Preliminary Protocol" with a 1700-year-old history was signed between Izmit Municipality, Cultural Routes Association and KYÖD. İzmit Municipality, between the Cultural Routes Association and KYÖD, from the city of Bari in Italy, which has a history of 1700 years, [more…]

yht sivasi will make metropolitan city
06 Ankara

YHT to Make Sivas a Metropolis City

Because of the wrongly implemented railway projects, Sivas was the city of Sivas many years ago. Two important factors for the development of Sivas are the development of high-speed trains and TUDEMSAS. When high-speed train starts [more…]

volkswagen manisa factory where to be installed
45 Manisa

Volkswagen Manisa Factory Where to Install?

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan said that the German automaker Volkswagen will open a factory in Manisa. Pekcan, said that a positive view on Turkey to invest in the German producers. CNN Turk Hakan Çelik attended the Pekcan the program was to evaluate the investment by Volkswagen in Turkey. Pekcan, "Some [more…]


Today in History: 17 September 1919 by Milney

Today, according to Milne on September 17, 1919, the withdrawal of the battalions waiting for the railroad in Afyon and Konya will make it difficult to feed Istanbul, allow the French to claim to protect the railway, and shake the British influence.