Air Conditioning and Security Camera Inspection in Public Transport Vehicles in Tarsus

airconditioning and security camera control in public transport vehicles in tarsus
airconditioning and security camera control in public transport vehicles in tarsus

📩 11/07/2019 01:53

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Municipal Police Department Police Inspection Department teams, the weather is thoroughly heated in these days, citizens, public transport vehicles to make frequent and safe controls to travel frequently.

In accordance with the instructions of Mayor Vahap Seçer'in teams working throughout the province, Tarsus, both private public buses, as well as cooperative vehicles, as well as the vehicles operating within the Metropolitan examined one by one.

During the inspections carried out at the stop located on Muvaffak Uygur Street near Tarsus Central Culture Park, all vehicles were checked for air conditioners and security camera systems.

In addition to the visual status of the drivers' clothing, hair-beard, the accessories that should be present in the vehicle were also checked. Detection report was kept on public transport which did not comply with the conditions.

Citizen satisfied with the application
Municipal police teams, expressed that they are satisfied with the controls on public transport conveyed thanks to citizens.

Haşim Eroğlu said that he often gets on public transportation and said, de It is really difficult to travel in a vehicle where air conditioning is not working in these days when the weather gets hot. This kind of practice by the teams is really great. Vehicle drivers are more careful. We are satisfied with the application ”.

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