Owl Period in Trams and Metro in Izmir

izmir tram and subway
izmir tram and subway

Owing to the use of public transportation late in the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Owl Expeditions, increased interest on the interest. 26 July The Owl application was launched on Konak Tramway starting from 2019. Izmir Metro was added an additional time.

The first step of the Public Transportation Campaign initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is expanding the Owl Campaigns. In addition to buses, the Metropolitan Municipality, which provides public transportation in the ferry, tram and subway late at night and early in the morning, added 26 Owl Expedition to Izmir Metro and Konak Tram as of 2019 July.

00.30 Expedition to İzmir Metro
Accordingly, on Friday and Saturday nights in Konak Tram 00.30, 00.45 hours, Fahrettin Altay and Halkapınar directions, a total of four mutual Owl Expedition will be held. In addition to 00.40 and 01.00 Owl Expeditions held on both ends on Friday and Saturday nights in İzmir Metro, there will be an 00.30 expedition. Thus, every week Izmir Metro, Konak and Karşıyaka total 13 Owl Expedition will take place in addition to the current tariff on the tramways.

Karşıyaka Owl flights on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights in Trauma are departing from Alaybey in 00.45, 01.45 and 02.45.

Four days a week in ferries
Owl flights within the scope of the ferry on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays on the Owl Expeditions. One-hour flights Karşıyaka The last ferry from the pier departs at 03.00 and the Alsancak pier at 03.30.

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