OSTIM Technical University Rolled Up Handles for Domestic Cargo Transportation Vehicles

ostim technical university for domestic vehicles pointed arms
ostim technical university for domestic vehicles pointed arms

OSTIM Technical University is working on the design and prototype of electric cargo transport vehicle, which consists of 2 and 3 wheel models. The vehicle is aimed to be available at the end of the year.

OSTİM Technical University, which will accept students in the 019-2020 academic year, breathes new life into higher education with its experienced academicians and administrative staff. kazangetting ready to climb. Operating in the center of OSTİM OSB with the vision of 'University of Industry', the institution will also make a difference with its projects. Faculty members, each of whom are experts in their fields, will make an impact with their scientific studies both in our country and on a global scale.

Vocational School Machine Program Faculty Member. Dr. Kerim Çetinkaya is working on the 2 and 3 wheeled models of electric cargo transport vehicle, is planned to be available at the end of the year. OSTIM Technical University, which has industrial experience in the vehicle project that will facilitate the work of postal and cargo officers, OSTIM Investment Inc., OSTIM Technology R & D Inc. and OSTİM OSB support.

The first phase of the electric cargo transportation vehicle project financed by the Science Research Project Fund (BAP) with the own resources of OSTIM Technical University is Needs Analysis; criteria are determined in accordance with their needs by discussing with the postal officers. Afterwards, the design process will be started and design, dimensioning and modeling will be realized in line with the needs such as 3-4 week. After the selection of engine, wheel, battery and brake system, the mechanical production stage will follow; production of metal parts with mold, prototype test drives that will emerge after the production of drive elements; slope climb test, battery life at maximum speed, battery life at economical speed, battery charge time to be checked.

OSTIM Technical University is ready to contribute to the local automobile which is frequently found in the agenda of the country in recent years.

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