Cable Car and Metro Wagons and Stations in Başkent

cable cars and subway cars and stations in the capital
cable cars and subway cars and stations in the capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which gives service to hundreds of thousands of people in Ankara every day and gives great importance to hygiene in public transportation vehicles, which significantly reduces the traffic load of the capital, carries out 7 / 24 cleaning work.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of the public transportation vehicles of the Metropolitan Municipality are carried out by teams day and night.


Teams that carry out cleaning work in Ankaray and Metro wagons and stations, especially after daily flights, also perform detailed cleaning work both indoors and outdoors.

In order to ensure that the citizens of the capital travel in a safe, comfortable and hygienic environment, the teams carrying out a feverish cleaning work on the subway and cable car lines clean the storage areas of subway wagons thoroughly.


The subway wagons are cleaned from dirt by water and special devices by cleaning teams, and they are cleaned up to passenger handles outside the passenger seats and windows.

In addition to routine cleaning, the wagons are specially disinfected every fifteen days against viruses that can cause pests and epidemics.

In addition to wagons, Metro Stations, floors, elevators, escalators and stair railings that clean the teams, especially in rail systems, gum and ice cream reminds the citizens not to be discarded.

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