Domestic Autonomous Vehicle Starts Tests in Istanbul

Domestic Autonomous Vehicle Starts Testing in Istanbul
Domestic Autonomous Vehicle Starts Testing in Istanbul

which is the harbinger of a major transformation in the world and autonomous vehicles with advanced features started to test drive the different countries, thanks to the engineering steps thrown in Turkey has reached the point to be tested. AVL Research and Engineering Turkey autonomic technology in recent years as a result of studies featured the first driverless vehicle developed hybrid engineers, the test was ready to begin driving in Istanbul

The concept of driver in cars is expected to go down in history, along with autonomous vehicles that are expected to be available from 2030. All that will affect the world's first engineering steps that have been taken drastic change and transformation in Turkey. It has become the world's largest automotive engineering company ready with AVL AVL Research and Engineering Turkey's central autonomous civil engineers developed hybrid technology featured in the results of the study are the first driverless vehicle test drives in Istanbul in Istanbul. AVL Research and Engineering Turkey General Manager Dr. Serkan İmpram stated that they started the tests of the driverless vehicle which developed autonomous technologies and shared important information about the advanced autonomous features of the vehicle.

Control in artificial intelligence

Intelligent algorithms, functions and other autonomous systems developed the tool has advanced features and can perform many functions without the intervention of users. Serkan İmpram said: araç In our R & D centers in Istanbul, autonomous systems developed by Turkish engineers are a hybrid-electric model. However, the system we develop is capable and applicable to many different vehicle types. The autonomous vehicle, which we developed according to international safety standards, will first start testing at L2 level. The vehicle can be driven on the highway without any user intervention. Steering, acceleration and deceleration control will be managed by the vehicle through intelligent algorithms that we have installed on the vehicle. It will also be able to protect its own lane even on winding roads while driving on the highway. ”

Vehicle traffic rules compliant

Autonomous technologies developed according to the traffic rules of the vehicle will decide its own speed, indicating that Serkan Impram, “The user will comply with the traffic rules of the vehicle without interference. It will maintain its lane in accordance with the speed limit and will be able to adjust its own speed to follow a safe distance according to the speed of the vehicles coming in front. Control will be left to the artificial intelligence by adding more advanced functions, such as lane change if necessary, and safely pulling the vehicle aside in case of any problems. With the new features to be added, all decisions will be made and implemented by the developed autonomous functions and a fully automatic driving will be possible under all conditions. ”

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