They will first Driverless Car Design of Turkey

AVL will serve Turkey's advanced technology in the automotive engineering academy graduates completed their training

Equipped with the world's largest engineering company, AVL's organizations in Turkey based in Austria AVL Turkey's most successful 1300 advanced engineering education by choosing among engineers of universities in the field of automotive technology engineers, 6 months starting duties after rigorous training. automotive R & D engineers, one of the most sought-after in the world of automotive engineering will play a major role in developing the first domestic driverless electric vehicles and hybrid technologies in Turkey.

Turkey's first domestic driverless and hybrid electric vehicle technology development began AVL Turkey, the world's most sought-after engineers in the goal of becoming a global engineering base in advanced automotive technology field attı.türkiye signed an important investment in the field of human resources for growing in Turkey later and 172 The company decided to expand its engineering team and gathered the most successful engineers of the universities under one roof. 80 1300 15 engineer 6 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

Smoke Management Consulting Turkey cooperation with AVL experts and with the support of prominent academics by Ayvansaray University 6 months training for the engineers completed their training in February. Engineers who successfully completed the trainings were selected from among the 15 engineers who received training in advanced engineering subjects such as electric vehicles, autonomous technologies, internal combustion engines, intelligent algorithms, battery management systems. 19 AVL engineers who will begin work in February on Turkey, Turkey's first indigenous driverless and hybrid electric vehicles will play an important role in developing the technology.

engineers sought in the world to grow in Turkey

For the first time, indicating that the training program held in Turkey grows as the engineers call the world AVL Turkey General Manager Dr. Umut Genç said that investment in human resources in the field of engineering is an important need and that engineers who are trained at successful universities can offer the opportunity to work in projects that they can be excited about. Young "AVL project as we develop our growth figures in Turkey and Turkey will continue to increase with each passing year. Our growth figure reached 2017 in the 80 year we left behind. On the basis of the person, we grew 50. Our need for human resources is increasing every year. We continue to work with 172 engineers in our company which serves in advanced automotive technologies. Last year, 75 engineers joined us. Next year I would say that we need 50 engineer. However, there is a strong demand for well-equipped engineers in our sector. Many important companies in the world need successful engineers. We have started a training program which will prepare our own human resources and prepare Turkish engineers for advanced engineering. 1300 we want to meet the criteria of engineers, we have selected some of Turkey's most successful engineers. We have made our engineers fully equipped and ready to take part. Technically, it was a very busy schedule and design at the same time the industry is an important need of English education in this program is an important part of sahip.dig training programs we provide on the one hand directly by AVL experts Turkey industry under the roof, very advanced topics coverage, be focused and engineers go through a training program that only makes starting work in Turkey and the world. Our new mission AVL engineers completed their training will begin in Turkey within a short time. "he said.

Participate in the development of vehicles with autonomous driving characteristics

AVL Turkey General Manager Dr. Umut Genç continued as follows: değer With this training we started to practice, we are trying to encourage our successful engineers to keep in our country and to add value to our country by providing them with an international working environment, providing the necessary support and making the conditions attractive. AVL directly to them starting work opportunities in Turkey, while at the same time in Germany, America, Britain, and we are also the opportunity to gain experience in 36 countries such as China, where the AVL. They will contribute to the development of our country in the world with the knowledge and experiences they have, and they will also play a major role in the development of hybrid electric vehicle technologies and vehicles with autonomous driving characteristics that we plan to start testing in 2020. We provide the training gained by engineers working in R & D in the automotive field would increase the attractiveness of Turkey and Turkish engineers believe that I came to levels that may be sought between engineers in the world. "

AVL offered by each 6 months of successful training programs for engineers graduating from universities in Turkey is scheduled to be repeated from a new one.

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