British Railway Company 1 Million Pounds Negligence Penalty

British railway company pays a million pounds of negligence
British railway company pays a million pounds of negligence

The British rail company Govia Thameslink Railway was fined £ 2016 million (£ 24 million) in August 1, holding a 7-year-old Simon Brown responsible for extending his head and dying from the window of the train.

The court decided to pay compensation to Simon Brown's family, who died at Gatwick Express from Gatwick Airport to Victoria Railway Station in London.

The judge of the court, warned that the train should not hang from the window, but lost among the other announcements, the company is not in the right place for the 1 million pounds (7 million TL) said the fine. The GTR company will also pay about 65 thousand dollars for court expenses.

The railway company, Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR), admitted at the hearing in May that it had violated general safety measures because it did not display the warning that the window would not hang out of the window, and was instructed to review the warnings on the trains.


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