Meticulous Cleaning to the Akçaray Route

meticulous cleaning
meticulous cleaning

Akçaray, which was offered to citizens by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in 2017, is used extensively in Izmit district center. Park Garden and Green Areas Department by cleaning the tram line route by cleaning, while keeping the route clean can occur, such as the deterioration of scissors system and wheel surfaces are prevented. Cleaning is done periodically every day.

Metropolitan Municipality teams in a clean environment and comfortable for citizens to travel with Akçaray, periodically cleaning the tram route continues to work. The area is cleaned with the rail cleaner vehicle and 15 personnel. The cleaning works also prevent the negativities that may occur in the tram vehicles.

Within the scope of the cleaning works, the site cleaning and repair of the station paving stones are also done. The cleaning process, which also includes the form of herbs on the route, is carried out every day without interruption.

The fact that the tram line is not clean can cause many different negative events. If the rail troughs become filled due to a substance, the tramway may derail in the curved areas. The dirty layer on the rail cork causes the vehicles to slip and slide, causing the vehicles to stand at a longer distance and have an appli- cation (deterioration of the wheel surfaces). If the slip slip is too high, the call system will fail. If the line is not cleaned, the scissors system will fail. If it is not cleaned, the nylon-style bag will be inserted into the contact wire, thus affecting the voyages.

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