Explanation Regarding Disabled and Accompanying Disabled Istanbul Card

ibbden disabled and accompanying disabled disabledcards
ibbden disabled and accompanying disabled disabledcards

Due to the protocol signed between the Ministry of Health and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, “Disabled” and “Accompanied Disabled” Istanbulcards must be registered in the Ministry of Health system before the visa process.

Within the scope of the protocol signed between the Ministry of Health and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the disability reports submitted to BELBIM, one of the IMM affiliates, for a free Istanbul card application are now confirmed through the Ministry of Health e-Report and the National Disability Data Bank systems.

The information of the owners of Istanbulkart will be queried through this system and as a result of the inquiry, the validity period of which the Istanbulkart can be used free of charge will be determined based on the report date and the report validity period.

Our disabled citizens who have been confirmed to be valid disability report will be informed about the use of free card in Istanbul by text message. After the incoming text message, any visa ticket must be completed by touching İstanbulKart's BILETMATİK.

Citizens who cannot send visa instructions to İstanbulkartlar need to apply to the hospital where they obtain the disability report and confirm that their reports are registered in the relevant systems of the Ministry of Health.

After the information of the report is entered into the Ministry of Health systems by the relevant hospital, our citizens come to the nearest Istanbulkart application center with the original of their reports and form a visa application request.

Following the verification of the data, Istanbulkart visa procedures will be performed.

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