Karşıyakaand Horses to Buy in Turkey

horses and horses will be purchased
horses and horses will be purchased

At the ordinary assembly meeting of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in July, Karşıyakaan important proposal on the phaeton came up.

30 Mayor UKOME decree for the purchase of phaetons and horses prohibited from traffic by the Metropolitan Municipality, the proposal from the Presidency, Plan and Budget and Street Animals Protection Commission was sent. 7 thousand 500 for horses used in carriage transport, 5 thousand for horses purchased according to the proposal that the horses purchased according to the proposal, will be taken to Izmir Natural Life Park, phaeton will be used in landscaping parks and gardens.

In the event of a decision by the President of the Assembly,, 15 July Democracy and National Unity Day for the citizens who will participate in the activities in Konak Square 20.00 to 16 July 06.00 free public transport during the free tariff application during the Eid al-Adha has been sent to the Plan and Budget Commission.

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