3 July World Engineers Day Message from General Manager Erol Arıkan

general manager erol arikanin july world machinists day message
general manager erol arikanin july world machinists day message

41 with my railroad brothers and sisters in the railroad industry, where I am very proud and proud of giving labor for years; 24 hours, day and night, without the hymn, hundreds of thousands of passengers a day and freight train, thousands of passengers and thousands of tons of cargo to hear the pride and happiness.

My brother 1945 worker mechanic, 1712 officer mechanic are the cornerstones of this pride.

It is a fact that our duty and responsibility has increased with the support of our governments to the railway sector for the last 17 years.

From Edirne to Kars, from Samsun to Mersin, our railway networks that are developing and strengthening in every corner of our country extend from Baku to Tbilisi-Kars railway line to China to London and the load of our machinists is increasing.

However, no matter how much technology develops, as we all know, the railroad profession is not only a task, it is not only the workplace where we earn our bread, but also our love of railroad, our railroad, our railroad life. This feeling is most experienced in the occupational groups at the beginning of our machinists. As a result of their selfless, careful and discreet work, the wheel of the trains turns, and the trust and reputation in the railway is reinforced.

We are trying our best to provide our engineers with the knowledge and experience required by the transportation service, to provide solutions to their problems, to work in better conditions and to defend their rights in every platform.

With these feelings and thoughts, I once again greet all of my brothers in love with 3 July World Mechanic Day. On this occasion my brother retired machinist pays homage once again gratefully, wish God have mercy on those who died, my brothers and sisters all over the world machinist am sending our greetings and love from Turkey.

About Levent Ozen
Every year, high-speed rail sector, the European leader in the growing Turkey. Investments in railways, which take this speed from high-speed trains, continue to increase. In addition, with the investments made for transportation in the city, the stars of many of our companies making domestic production shine. It is proud that Turkish high-speed tren national train ”production has been started in addition to the companies producing domestic tram, light rail and subway vehicles. We are very happy to be in this proud table.

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