Fatih Park Storey Car Park Will Be Opened In April 2020

conqueror car park will be opened in April
conqueror car park will be opened in April

📩 01/07/2019 12:22

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality carried out various construction and parking arrangements in the center of the city, while rapidly expanding the scope of this project, Mayor Murat Zorluoglu who wants to see the projects in place, Fatih Park'nın renovation works and Tangent Fully Automatic Car Park construction.

The first went to Fatih Park President Zorluoğlu, Deputy Secretary General Süleyman Gün, where the department heads and branch managers toured with the park, the contractor company officials received information about the work.

After making some suggestions about landscaping and lighting for the company's employees, President Zorluoğlu, who spoke about the request of the firm to be completed in a short time, announced that the park would be put into service again in September following the completion of the studies.

From there, President Zorluoğlu and his entourage who went on the construction of a fully automatic car park on Tanjant Street received information about the latest status of the works from the contractor company official who visited the construction site together. Mayor Zorluoğlu informed the company about the vehicle capacity of the car park and the working principle of the automatic car park system and said that they foresee the opening date of April in 2020.

Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Murat Zorluoğlu shared with the public that the car park will be offered to the people of Trabzon in April 2020.


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