President Gümrükçüoğlu announces rail system routes

Mayor Gümüşçüoğlu explained the rail system routes: Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, gave great information about the rail system route.

Indicating that the light rail system project is being prepared between Akçaabat and Yomra, Gümrükçüoğlu stated that the part between Akyazı and Airport will be implemented as the first stage. In his statement to the UAV, Customs is continuing its work on the rail system and it is possible to make some technical changes in the project.

It is designed as a departure from Akyazı
) The rail system, which departs from the main station in the filling area of ​​Akyazı, comes from the coastal area and passes to Yavuz Selim Boulevard (Tanjant Yolu) from Beşirlı direction and to reach Değirmendere along the Yavuz Selim Boulevard and pass through the Trabzon House (Baro Building). It passes through the current bus station and passes through the KTU C Gate to the Airport (Interchange). We are planning this route as round-trip. Bu

Meydan-Maras Street-Hagia Sophia
Tad On the same line, one arm enters the Atatürk area (Meydan) near the Trabzon House. In the direction of Maraş Street, it reaches to Ayasofya Junction and Hacı Ziya Habipoğlu goes to Yavuz Selim Boulevard with the direction of Underpass. Maraş Street is not only a double direction, it only meets the rail system from east to west in one direction.

Bashirli-Fire Department Junction-Ganita
Ağı A second line that departs from the station in Akyazı region is entering the coast road from Akyazı and coming to Fire Department Junction, one of its branches reaches to Yavuz Selim Boulevard at Atapark Junction and one of them is in Ganita area. It comes. This will even serve from the west to the east. Bu

De We start construction at 2018 “
Emphasizing that they planned to start the construction of the railway system between Akyazı and the airport in 2018 year, Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu said, makta The project we are preparing is covering Akçaabat-Yomra as a project cost and it is thought to reach step by step towards other districts in the following stages. Although our project covers Akçaabat-Yomra, we intend to start the construction of the interchange between Airport Intersection (Ali Osman Ulusoy Junction) and the first station Akyazi base station in 2018 year. Proj



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