Gümrükçüoğlu, Transport Office Employees came together

Trabzon Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu met with the employees of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department at breakfast. In the program organized in Sera Lake Facilities of the Metropolitan Municipality, sohbet Gümrükçüoğlu thanked him for his devoted work and made warnings.


Transportation Office employees in every point of the city serving the public expressing Customsçüoğlu said, asında You are carrying our people. We entrust our child, young and old to you. We will continue our duties with this consciousness. I appreciate your hard work, I appreciate it. I hope we will be even more diligent after that, we will be much more meticulous. Our business serves the public. We're all for this. Municipalities are there for this. As Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, we are the biggest organization of Trabzon. 4662 km2 is the service area of ​​all of us, 780 is the people in which we endeavor to serve all of us. We are making an effort in service with the understanding that 'public service is worshiping' (cc). We may all be lacking but the important thing is to take lessons from these shortcomings and try to complete them as well Hep.



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