Transportation to Elazig Sehit Fethi Sekin City Hospital

Contact elazig sehit fethi sekin city hospital
Contact elazig sehit fethi sekin city hospital

Şahin Şerifoğulları, Mayor of Elazığ, continues to implement transportation projects announced before the election. Şerifoğulları, who implemented the project, which was announced under the title of Integrated Public Transportation Network Rehabilitation, started bus services from Şehit Fethi Sekin City Hospital from all neighborhoods.

Direct flights to Şehit Fethi Sekin Şehir Hospital started from all neighborhoods in Elazığ.

Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları announced that they have completed their route determination after a long and hard work and said, “Our buses will go directly from all neighborhoods to the hospital. We are happy to have fulfilled the demands of our citizens on this issue. ”

President Şerifoğulları stated that the flights will be held twice a day; Iki There will be two flights to the Şehit Fethi Sekin Şehir Hospital, one of our neighborhoods, at 07.00 and 12.00. Our bus will depart from Nene Hatun Street in Ataşehir Neighborhood, continue on Kuvayı Milliye Avenue and pass through Gen. Eşref Bitlis Boulevard and Ulubey-Muharipler Streets. It will be connected to Doğukent Street from Siteler-Çatalçeşme Neighborhoods through Sanayi Street and reach the City Hospital. Our same bus will go back and complete the tour using these routes. Our bus departs from Yeniköy, Hicret Quarter, Efsane Street, Aksaray Quarter, Şehit Ferhat Bulut Street, Kızılay Quarter, Kazım Karabekir Street, Gümüşkavak Quarter, then from Kekliktepe Junction, through Cahit Dalokay Boulevard. Karşıyaka Neighborhood Doğan Çay Street will continue to reach Çatalçeşme District Doğukent Caddesi to the City Hospital. This bus will return from the same route and complete the tour. Our bus will start from Hilalkent Mahallesi, Misland Junction, Abdullahpaşa Mahallesi 305. 273 through the street. Following the street Bosna Street, Bahçelievler Street Fatih Ahmet Baba Boulevard to Lieutenant General Hulusi Mr. Boulevard and then to Çayıçıra Junction by connecting to Zübeyde Hanım Street, University Quarter via Yahya Kemal Street and following Fevzi Çakmak and Yıldızbağları Neighborhoods, Yunus Emre Boulevard and Seychelles Avenue He'il get access to his hospital. He will return from the same route and complete his tour. Abdullahpaşa İmar-Hak Sen residences will start the bus from Salim Hazardağlı Street by passing the Yeşildağ Sitesi Çaydaçıra neighborhood bus route by connecting Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard Zübeyde Hanim Street to connect to the University District Yahya Kemal Street Fevzi Çakmak and Yıldızbağları Mahalleri Mahallesi Mahallesi Mahallesi Mahallesi Mahallesi Mah. Molla will complete the transportation to Bahri Boulevard to the City Hospital. This bus will return from the same route and complete the tour. I hope that the flights we have started will be beneficial to our city ”.


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