Türel: İle Antalya will meet with Metro Tür

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel, who spoke at the mechanical storey car park ceremony which was first implemented in Antalya by Sinan neighborhood, said: 'After 2019, Antalya will meet with the metro Büyük.

President Türel, transportation and the most important public transportation vehicle for the solution of the traffic problem that attracts attention to the metro President Türel, en After the 2019 will meet Antalya metro. We have received all of our public permits under the Transportation Master Plan. In the case of the possibility of a re-service, if Allah had the chance, 2019 will be on the agenda of a subway project which will draw a Y from the Great Harbor to Lara Kundu and extend to Varsak. We are preparing for this right now, Onun he said.


Emphasizing that Antalya is a world city, President Türel continued his words as follows: la We want to enter Kaleiçi with the car we want, park, park, get free of charge. This is also not possible in the world. Despite this investment and service, as you can see, we offer services with the lowest tariff. It is not possible to find a 100 solution in the city center for the density of motor vehicles and the vehicle shortage. We know that we need to develop bus, tram and public transportation systems in Antalya. Let's prefer bikes instead of cars. I recently did a bike tour with a group of cyclists. Don't be surprised if you see me going from one place to another on a bike. Because we are now designing our bike paths in such a way that they will turn them into a ring, not as fragmented in Antalya. We will do the application very quickly and those who do not have bicycles will have the opportunity to travel by bicycle.


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