Zübeyde Hanım Education and Museum Ship Campaign Held

zubeyde him training and banana ship with the cik campaign was organized 1
zubeyde him training and banana ship with the cik campaign was organized 1

📩 06/12/2018 11:43

An announcement poster on the “Zübeyde Hanım Education and Museum Ship”, which was removed from the grounds of the symbol of İzmir while being anchored while in the Kordon region, was suspended in June, and was posted on the ship.

'Zübeyde Hanım', which is one of the symbols of İzmir, was signed on the site of change.org for the education and museum ship to be dislodged and preserved as a museum.

Zübeyde Hanım's tomb, which was entrusted to us by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was taken care of for the Zübeyde Hanım Museum Ship. CLICK

The ship, which was named after Atatürk's mother Zübeyde Hanım and served as a training center where both marines and young people will be told, Karşıyaka It was put into service with a ceremony held at its pier.

The ship, built in 1987, was named after Atatürk's mother. The tomb of Mrs. Zübeyde Karşıyakainstead of scrapping the ship was taken to Izmir to be evaluated.

Zübeyde Hanım Ship Museum was also a training ship for those who want to reach the maritime profession. The compass was able to consolidate its training by touching various maritime materials such as the rudder. Among the materials that will attract more attention of the maritime profession are yoma scissors, circulating reel, health supplies used by doctors and health officers until 1900 years, calorimeter device was amongst what you see.

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